The Best Uses of Bruce Springsteen Songs in Movies or TV

Bruce Springsteen, aka “The Boss” is one of the most popular singers to ever appear on the music scene in the history of music. You could say he was a bit of a rebel since he rebelled in Catholic School and later on in high school. He didn’t attend his graduation ceremony and dropped out of college after a while. Many said that he was kind of a loner back then and just wanted to sit and play his guitar. However accurate or inaccurate the stories are however many should be thankful that he was devoted to strumming his guitar more often than not when he was younger since it afforded him a way to put his message out to the world when he started gaining an interest in playing his music in front of others. The rest, as you might say, is history as throughout a series of trial and errors he eventually became one of the biggest acts in history.

Here are a few of his songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Ready Player One – Stand On It

This one had to be added simply because it dealt with so much pop culture that to leave it seems like an insult. Wade, aka Parzival, along with many other people throughout the world have used the Oasis, an online gaming center in the VR world, to live an existence that they feel is worthwhile. But when the creator of the Oasis passes away and leaves hidden clues, and keys, to unlock his final treasure, the players have to rush to be the first to follow the hints and clues that have been left behind in order to find the keys and take possession of company that has been left behind, all while attempting to keep those that would misuse the company from gaining control.

4. Sons of Anarchy – Adam Raised a Cain

Sons of Anarcy started out with a bang but eventually ran towards being kind of predictable and not quite as entertaining. As the show reached its endpoint however it began to pick up speed again and started to go back to the old formula of what had made it so popular. Jax and SAMCRO had been through so much throughout the series that it’s a wonder that anyone came out alive considering how many people were double-dealing and how many others were caught in the crossfire. Jax managed to settle all pertinent accounts before riding off into the sunset however, with the only thing he couldn’t help being what his sons would think of him.

3. Reign Over Me – Drive All Night

So many people lost so much in 2001 that the pain still reverberates to this day. Charlie lost his entire family, including their dog, on that fateful day, and five years after he couldn’t manage to put the pieces back together. Upon a chance meeting with an old friend however Charlie begins to rekindle at least a piece of his life, something he’d left behind after the tragedy. Eventually he and his friend become one another’s life lines, filling a part of each other’s lives that they didn’t realize was lost. This is one of those highly emotional movies that makes the argument that Adam Sandler can’t act invalid.

2. Philadelphia – Streets of Philadelphia

Imagine having to listen to homophobic slurs and jokes and not being able to tell the firm you work at just who you are and what your lifestyle is like. Now imagine that upon finding out that you’re gay and that you’re sick your firm decides to just up and fire you because you make them uncomfortable for not disclosing something that they had no right to know. Even worse would be the fact that many people wouldn’t want to work with you simply because the idea of representing someone that had HIV or full-blown AIDS might make them extremely uncomfortable. That seems like a type of hell that most people wouldn’t survive.

1. Jerry Maguire – Secret Garden

If we learned anything from Jerry Maguire it’s that you don’t go into a relationship just for kids. Sure it’s great to stay together and try to make things work, but if the only reason you do this is because of a kid, no matter how great your intentions are, then you aren’t being fair to the other person, or yourself, or even the kid. Relationships aren’t meant to be taken in half-measures, especially when it comes to marriage with kids already involved. The moment you give your heart to someone you give it all, without reservation and without hesitation. Jerry had a few hard lessons to learn in this movie but once he learned them he was all the better for them.

The Boss has been in on a few heart-wrenching moments in film that are just breathtaking when you watch them.

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