Sick Cover of the Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

How many people remember Super Mario Bros. 2? It was quite a bit different and definitely more expressive than the first game since not only did the graphics improve, but the music and the gameplay were different as well. The overworld theme was simple enough and the game was actually a lot of fun since in this one the player could select Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach, and they all had a special ability that made them different from the others. Mario was Mario, he was kind of the default and didn’t really need any added ability, while Luigi gained a long and very ponderous jumping ability. Toad was probably one of the most useless since he could barely jump but still had his own charms. Princess Peach was another interesting character since she could glide whenever she jumped and other than that was kind of slow and one had to really know when to react when playing her. In other words, a lot of people picked Mario or Luigi a lot of times since playing them was a lot easier. But apart from that, the game was kind of a trip since the villains changed in a big way and the ability to pick things up was absolutely insane, as was the fact that they could be thrown. How many people seriously didn’t get the hang of this right away? The boss at the end of the first level was actually kind of hard to figure out until this revelation was made.

The music in this game wasn’t any worse or better than the first one to be realistic, but the game was something else when coming from the first game since it was more colorful, it had more action, and it was definitely a huge upgrade from the original. The game had its share of issues, but for the most part, it was a lot of fun since it took the idea forward and really made it into something that fans either loved or hated. The love for this game wasn’t universal, unfortunately, but it was great enough that a third game was made, then another system and a slew of other games that went on to cement Mario’s fame and place with Nintendo. The music for each game has evolved over the years, as has the gameplay and capabilities of the characters as Mario and his bunch have gone from being pixelated to being 3D characters that can travel around a 3D world for the enjoyment of the players. One has to wonder just where the technology is going to take the gamers in the next decade or two since things are only getting more and more advanced as time goes on.

It likely never occurred to anyone at the time of this games release that one day it would be deemed ‘old school’ since anything and everything that is original NES is now vintage and even antique in some way, especially since the pace of the games has changed immensely since the time of the second game. The music has obviously changed as well, as everything kind of should as things continue to advance. Wondering about what’s coming in the future is all well and good, and being nostalgic about the past is just as much fun sometimes, but living in the moment one has to admit that while both have their charms, one is fixed and can’t be changed that easily, while the other is something to think about but not to be obsessed over. The musical quality of the overworld theme that’s been used in this clip is nice since it brings back good memories of the game that feed the nostalgic side that a lot of gamers still possess, while the idea that it’s versatile, that it can be altered and still made to sound pleasing with a new and exciting sound, gives hope for the future yet to come. One big upside about Mario is that as much as he changes, he does stay the same for the most part since with all the new abilities and the new quests and goals he’s still Mario, and therefore is still the unique and fun character that so many people have been enjoying over the years.

What might be kind of cool is if the idea of Mario 2 was brought back and allowed to be the driving force behind another game, only this time without the need to make it a dream at the very end. Seriously, hands up, who thought that was kind of a cheap way to end things? It is what is, unfortunately, but it was kind of a cop-out at the time, even if it did make a lot of people laugh, including myself. But another Mario 2-themed game would be awesome, without a doubt.

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