10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gillian Lieberman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gillian Lieberman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gillian Lieberman

Gillian Lieberman has always been drawn to the entertainment industry, but she probably never imagined that her big break would come thanks to reality TV. Gillian and her boyfriend, Edgar De Santiago, are cast members on the newest season of USA’s dating show Temptation Island. In the show, couples agree to live in houses with single members of the opposite sex in an attempt to see if their relationship is strong enough to resist temptation. After being together for about four years, Gillian and Edgar are both hoping that the show will help them decide which direction they want to go in moving forward. Only time will tell if the series ends up being beneficial for their relationship, but it could end up benefitting them in other ways. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Gillian Lieberman.

1. She Has A BFA

Gillian fell in love with performing at an early age, and it didn’t take her long to realize that it was something she wanted to pursue on a serious level. She attended Ball State University in Indiana where she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in musical theater. During her time at Ball State, she also met her boyfriend, Edgar. Although it doesn’t appear that her on-screen acting career has taken off, she has done some theater work. Like many other actors, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a serious slow down for Gillian, but she is looking forward to building her career in the years to come. More than likely, she is hoping that her time on Temptation Island will open up the doors to more opportunities in the future. On top of her love for acting, Gillian also enjoys creative writing as well as dancing. Hopefully one day she will get the chance to combine all of the things she loves into one project.

2. She Works In Real Estate

When COVID-19 caused things to shut down all over the entertainment industry, Gillian knew that she needed to do something in order to keep herself moving forward. She decided that she wanted to get into the real estate industry and she earned a real estate license in Florida. Gillian has been working for Keller-Williams Realty since 2021 and she seems to be enjoying her new career path. She even has a separate Instagram profile dedicated to sharing real estate listings. With the way the real estate market has been booming over the last couple of years, there is a good chance that working in the industry has been very lucrative for Gillian. At the same time, though, she hasn’t given up on her dream of breaking into the entertainment industry and she is finally closer than she ever has been before.

3. She Is From New York City

Part of the reason why Gillian fell in love with acting at an early age is that she was born and raised in New York City. All over the world, New York is known for its strong artistic culture – particularly when it comes to theater. Gillian grew up going to plays and museums and those experiences were instrumental in shaping her into the person she is today. Although she will always have love for New York City, it appears that she now lives in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Her boyfriend, however, seems to still live in Indiana where they went to college. If she decides to shift her focus back to acting, there is a chance that Gillian may decide to move back to New York. Even though West Palm Beach is beautiful, it’s not the best place to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

4. She Loves to Travel

As a creative person, Gillian understands the importance of inspiration and traveling is one of the best ways for people to get inspired. Additionally, traveling has been a great way for Gillian to feed her adventurous side. She loves being able to experience new places and cultures and there’s nothing like the memory of a good trip. Over the years, Gillian has been fortunate to do a good amount of traveling both in and out of the United States. Some of the places she’s visited include China, France, and Italy. Although she has been to quite a few different places, she seems to really gravitate towards places that have beautiful ocean views. Now that she’s on the brink of reality TV superstardom, Gillian will probably get the chance to travel to even more destinations.

5. Family Is Important To Her

Despite the fact that Gillian is doing a reality TV show, she is still a fairly private person. As a result, we weren’t able to track down much information about her personal life or her upbringing. One thing we did learn, though, is that family is one of her top priorities. She was raised by a single mother and Gillian enjoys spending time with her whenever she gets the chance. Over the years, her mother has been a great support system no matter what kind of obstacles Gillian has had to deal with. When you’re trying to build a career in an industry as competitive as entertainment, it’s important to have as many people who have your back as possible. Although we know that Gillian and her mom are close, it’s unclear if she has any siblings.

6. She Enjoys Doing Yoga

Keeping herself in good shape is something that has always been important to Gillian. However, she isn’t someone whose idea of exercise only includes spending hours at the gym every day. Instead, she has fallen in love with the practice of yoga. For centuries, yoga has been a powerful tool for people all over the world. Not only can yoga be a great way to exercise physically, but it can also have lots of mental health benefits. For many, yoga allows them to center themselves and get prepared for all of the challenges that life may bring. We weren’t able to find any information on how long Gillian has been doing yoga, but we know that doesn’t just like to do it, she also likes to instruct others.

7. She Is Into Fashion

As someone who loves the arts, it’s no surprise that self-expression is something that is very important to Gillian. That said, performing isn’t the only way she expresses herself. Gillian also loves fashion and it’s one of her favorite ways to share her personality with the world. She has a quirky sense of style and she isn’t afraid to get a little creative when it comes to trying different patterns and colors. At the same time, Gillian isn’t the kind of person who only likes to wear expensive name brands. She enjoys shopping at local thrift shops to find unique items. It’ll be great to see what kinds of looks she decides to serve during her time on Temptation Island.

8. She Wants To Go To Law School

There are lots of people who spend their entire lives settling and not going after they really want. Gillian doesn’t have any plans of being one of those people. Real estate and acting aren’t the only things that Gillian sees for herself. She also has other dreams that she would love to accomplish. According to her website, Gillian would love to go to law school. She didn’t go into detail on what she would want to do with her law degree, but it’s clear that Gillian has big plans. While some people might think that Gillian’s ideas are all over the place, she has already shown that she is more than capable of accomplishing anything that she sets her mind to.

9. She Likes Giving Back to Others

Helping those around her is something that is very important to Gillian. She is very passionate about making sure that others are being uplifted and supported. On her website, she wrote, “My altruism has led me to be an active member of organizations such as Girls Learn International, Make A Wish, and Exploring the Arts (where I had the opportunity to perform with Tony Bennett at Cipriani’s). Charity work and giving back is very important to me.” Now that her platform is about to reach a new level, it seems likely that she will expand her charity efforts.

10. She Would Like To Get Into The Casting World

We have already established that Gillian hopes to have a successful acting career, but that isn’t the only thing she wants to contribute to the entertainment industry. On Gillian’s website, she states, “While performing is my main passion, I am fascinated by the casting world, and would like to flex my muscles in casting and production. I have experience producing several successful cabaret and showcase fundraisers in New York City, for which I created show merchandise, organized sales and galas, recruited volunteers, produced written and digital programs, organized spaces, and handled ticket sales.” We’ll all have to keep an eye on the trajectory of her career to see what kinds of projects she ends up making.

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