10 Things You Didn’t Know about Temptation Island

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Temptation Island

So how strong is your relationship with your significant other? Temptation Island is one of those shows that is bound and determined to put that question to several couples and see just how tempting it might be for some of them to forego their loyalty to their SO’s and see if they can’t get the attention of other singles that are placed on the island just for that purpose. You might wonder why anyone in their right mind would go through with this, but the answer is that people love to see intrigue and they absolutely love to watch the lives of others whether they succeed or fail in life. Those of us that think the show is a bit wonky might get called prudes or uptight, but it seems that if you’re really happy with the person you’re with, married or not, you wouldn’t be headed to an island retreat that’s designed to test the boundaries of your affection towards one another.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. One couple was removed from the show when it was discovered they had kids.

It’s one thing to be admitted to the island when you’re in a committed relationship, it’s another when you have a bond between you that could be frowned upon as it would strain not only your relationship but could be seen as the cause of wrecking a family. One has to assume that the show only takes non-married couples as well then.

9. It’s been admitted to being fake.

There were interviews from the first show during which those that were seen as the hottest couples were shown admitting that the whole thing had been staged and that they knew all about it. Obviously though they had a rather open relationship to allow everything that happened.

8. The show premiered in 2001.

Only 18 years ago people were looking at this show a something that was a step above the 90s and yet something that seemed as though it was becoming familiar in that day and age. And then of course the other shoe dropped, along with a lot of jaws.

7. Couples are taken to an island retreat to test the strength of their relationship.

Usually people these days would go on a vacation by themselves or seek out couples therapy in order to solve their problems, but traveling to an island with a bunch of single people that are willing to play it fast and loose with their morals is a great idea. Right?

6. The ethical nature of the show has always been in question.

The whole idea of risking your relationship no matter how it sits at that point seems like a very edgy thing to do even for TV. But as it’s been shown again and again it doesn’t matter if people rail against it or love it, they’ll end up talking about it all the same.

5. Mark Wahlberg will be hosting the show this year as before.

It does help a show every now and again when a known and popular celebrity can act as the host. Mark is obviously one of those faces that people have come to love and respect over the years so it’s fair to say that part of its success is riding on his appearance.

4. The show was based on another program called Blind Confidence.

It’s not much different than the original show it was based off of, though in America it’s fairly customary to beef things up a bit and make sure that it’s taken to a limit that people are going to be shocked over since it’s beyond anything they expected.

3. The show shocked a lot of people when it first came out.

Relationships are hard enough in America and around the world when you really think about it so seeing a show like this come on the air was something that didn’t set right with a lot of people at first. This isn’t the first time that couples have been known to gravitate towards new and experimental experiences, but at the same time it seemed wrong in a way to some and kind of alluring to others since it was the kind of freedom that couples don’t always grant one another in terms of a relationship.

2. There are no computers or phones allowed on the island.

So that’s a big ‘no’ to social media and anything and everything that could be sent out, which makes more sense considering that people on the island might actually give away the secrets of the show ahead of time and be found liable for such an undesired reveal.

1. A lot of people still question as to why anyone would do this.

If your relationship is in the pits that’s one thing, but pushing it over the edge with temptation like this doesn’t seem like something a rational person would do.

To each their own, but the show has been seen as entertaining by a lot of people.

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