Five of the Funniest Yoga Scenes in Movies

Five of the Funniest Yoga Scenes in Movies

Yoga Scenes

Yoga is said to have a lot of health benefits and it’s hard to argue with this really since if you can perform even half of the poses in a yoga workout then you’ve got to be in some kind of shape simply to balance in such a way. But while it’s a great way to stay healthy it’s definitely not for everyone no matter who says what about which position. In the movies yoga gets both a good and a bad reputation depending on how it’s being used since it can take on a pretty comedic role as well. In a big way it can be seen as highly sexualized or simply too difficult to really get into since the average person might have a great deal of difficulty with some of the poses given that it takes balance, strength, and a great deal of poise to really hit and keep them for more than a few seconds. If you’re into yoga it might seem easy, but for the rest of us it seems like an impossibility, and that’s part of what makes it funny.

Here are a few movie scenes that are just too funny to pass up on.

5. Couples Retreat

If you’re on a couples retreat the idea is usually to have fun, lay back, and relax. Yoga seems like too much of a workout to some of us to really call it relaxing, but when you have a nearly naked male instructor touching you and trying to make sure that you’re breathing right and hitting the right poses it becomes even more stressful. For those of you that might be screaming homophobia rest assured it’s not that, it’s simply the fact that having someone you don’t know touching you in an intimate way is not what some folks consider to be a good time. Plus, having their butt thrust into your face or their hips thrust towards you just seems a little too familiar.

4. Playing It Cool

It’s amazing the lengths that some men go to in order to impress women, but yoga is perhaps one of the least likely ways to do unless she happens to think that you’re cute for trying. As you can see from the picture above Chris Evans is having more than a little difficulty in this scene while the rest of the cast seem to have no problem hitting the pose and holding it. When you want to impress a woman it seems as though there are easier ways to do it while not inviting personal harm to your person by stretching something that you haven’t stretched in too long, or by falling on your face as you try to match her move for move.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Yeah, the pain of trying something you haven’t done before could possibly make you forget about anyone since at that time you’re likely focusing on the excruciating pain in your body as you stretch things that haven’t been stretched in way too long. Yoga in this case is something you should probably just walk away from since it’s also a great form of embarrassment at times, especially if you’re in a room full of people that know what they’re doing while you know absolutely nothing. But then again, if you’re trying to make an impression it might be worth trying, so long as the impression isn’t that you have no idea what you’re doing.

2. Zootopia

Admit it, if you saw an elephant doing yoga you’d probably stand there with your jaw wide open since not only would it be a miracle or a freak of nature occurrence, but it would be pretty impressive as well. In this movie the idea of animals wearing clothing and animals NOT wearing clothing is something that you can’t help but think is one weird debate since as humans we might have this kind of argument but we can still agree that clothing is great since it not only conceals parts of our body we consider private, but it does help against the cold weather. Still, how impressive would this be?

1. Grown Ups 2

Okay so technically this isn’t a yoga class but it was just too good to pass up on since it was one of the funniest moments in the entire movie, which a lot of people didn’t seem to care for. It might be that Adam Sandler is dragging things out more than he needs to these days, but there were parts of Grown Ups 2 that were genuinely funny since they went back to the same kind of humor that Sandler used to push all the time. Yes it’s a bit sexist since the ladies are made to bounce up and down and then bend over and slap their butts, but the comedy of it is pure hilarity since the over-eager janitor does get paid back in due course.

Unless you’re into yoga, just step away.elephant doing yoga

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