10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Evans

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Evans

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Evans

Right now if you talk about Chris Evans a lot of people are going to think Captain America and that’s okay, he’s been playing the iconic character for so long that it’s pretty natural to look at him and assume that this is one of his biggest and best roles. Honestly it is the one that’s kept him paid for so long and given him a good deal of job security since he’s the one that’s played it best so far. There were other candidates of course and there are still talks about who’s going to take over the mantle once he’s gone, but for the moment Chris simply is Cap and there’s no one else that can do it like him. But aside from that he’s been in plenty of other films that have been mildly amusing to wildly popular. Yet despite all that the role of Captain America has kind of consumed his career for quite some time, and he might be ready to step aside very soon.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Chris.

10. He actually read for the film Elizabethtown.

This was a charming romantic comedy that went to Orlanda Bloom instead. It did seem like the kind of role that Chris might have done well in but overall it also seems like the type of movie that was designed more for someone like Bloom.

9. Chris was going out for Jessica Biel for a while.

As a couple it’s hard to really say that they would have remained a good match since they seemed happy for a while. But in Hollywood couples kind of come and go unless they find enough common ground to form a bond that can remain unshakable for a long period of time.

8. He’s played three different heroes and one villain in movies.

So let’s see, he’s played the Human Torch, Captain America, Jensen in The Losers, and the villain Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It’s easy to see that he’s kind of been sucked into the whole idea of being a comic book character and it seems to have suited him for a while.

7. Chris has appeared as Captain America in 11 films now.

He hasn’t always been there in the same capacity but he’s shown up in one way or another. In Spider-Man: Homecoming he was used in an inspirational video as Captain America is obviously a part of that universe and is now used to help steer kids down the right path as a public service announcement.

6. He tap dances to decrease his anxiety.

This is kind of an odd thing to think of but honestly if you’ve ever given tap a try you’d find out how inherently difficult it is to get your feet to move right, and you might find some solace in the rhythm once you hear it.

5. Throughout the making of the Avengers the cowl he wore gave him a constant headache.

Chris suffered through more than one migraine as a result of having to wear the cowl, so it’s not too surprising to see that he rarely ever wore it after the first Avengers film and even ditched it during the film at one point.

4. Chris has a desire to start directing eventually.

One of these days he’s going to put the shield down and get behind the camera instead of in front of it, but he had an idea that he’d be done doing Captain America in 2017 and look where he’s at now. The upcoming Avengers movie is rumored to be his last time at the helm as Cap however, and many people are wondering who, if anyone, is going to be considered as worthy of taking up the shield.

3. He was given shirts that were one to two sizes smaller than what he normally wears while filming.

Once he bulked up people wanted to see those muscles since Captain America has always been a very buff and impressive individual, so of course the costume department brought him shirts that would show off every last bulge and allow the muscles to maintain their definition through the fabric.

2. For the movies he bulked up quite a bit.

This came about when he was shooting Not Another Teen Movie since he had to remove his shirt at one point and he didn’t want to seem like skinny weakling to the fans. At this point he started to bulk up and people loved it so he stayed big.

1. The amount he got paid for his latest Avengers film is insane compared to what he got paid for the first Captain America film.

Seriously, for his role in the first Captain America he didn’t even reach half a million, but by the time Avengers: Age of Ultron came around he was making nearly $7 million.

It’ll be a sad day for a lot of fans when Chris Evans puts Captain America in the rear view, but his performance will be looked on for years to come no doubt.

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