10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aven Jones

The name Aven Jones means very little to most people at the moment but pay close attention. This is a name you’re going to hear a lot of in the coming weeks. Aven Jones is your everyday man living and working and filming a reality television show looking for love. Rumor has it that he is one of the men who hope to find love on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and it’s also been rumored that he is someone who has some favor on the show. Will he win? We don’t know, but here is everything we do know.

1. He’s a Bachelor Contestant

Not a Bachelor contestant, per se. He’s a contestant on The Bachelorette, which is a different vibe. He’s one of the men who will go on national television looking for love with a woman whom he has never met and has no idea if he will have a connection. Only time will tell.

2. He is on a Groundbreaking Season

This is the first time in the history of the Bachelorette that two women will be part of the show for the duration of the entire season. Two women have been done before, but one of them was not chosen to remain as the final bachelorette by the men. This is not happening this time, and we are not mad about it. He will take part in this groundbreaking new season, and it should be good.

3. He is Making Impressions

While we cannot verify anything as he is currently in the filming stage of his new reality show, we can tell you that there are some rumors that he’s made some major first impressions with someone on the show. One of the ladies – maybe both – has some good feelings about this guy, so we cannot wait to see where this all takes us.

4. He is from New England

He’s a Massachusetts man. He lived in Beverly, which is located in Essex County. It’s considered a suburb of Boston, so he’s familiar with both big-city living as well as a slightly smaller-town vibe. We don’t know if he was born and raised there, but we know he’s from there with his family.

5. He is an Athlete

Growing up, he was into sports. Specifically, he was into basketball. We don’t know if he had dreams of playing professionally, but we can say that he did go on to play in college following the end of a successful high school career. Most people don’t make the college team if they’re not talented, so we think he may be a great baller.

6. He’s a College Graduate

Speaking of college, he’s a graduate. He has a degree in marketing and managing, which he graduated with in 2016. He took classes at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and he has his four-year degree from the school. This is also where he played basketball in college. It’s a great university.

7. He is in his late 20s

We are unsure of his precise date of birth, but we do know that an article from Distractify calls him 29 as of June 2022, so we think he was born in the very early 90s. He will either celebrate his 30th birthday later this year or he already celebrated his 29th birthday earlier this year.

8. He is in California These Days

He is no longer a man living in New England. Currently, he’s based on the West Coast. He’s living and working in San Diego, which is a great place to live. He’s a little closer to the filming action. He didn’t have to go too far from home to live in the Bachelor mansion, and it seems like all is well on that front.

9. He Has a Good Job

Per his LinkedIn profile, he’s been working as an account executive for a company called Cengage since 2020. We may not know precisely what he does for a living, but it appears his job is somewhere in the sector of sales. He seems good at it, and the company is also based in San Diego, which is where we think he is currently living.

10. He Seems Private

We did not learn too much about his personal life online, though we can safely assume that he is single and ready to mingle given the fact that he is currently filming this particular reality show. We don’t know if he was previously married, if he has kids, or if he was ever in a long-term relationship – but we can assume we will learn all of this as the show airs.

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