The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time


A companion of the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon started out as a piper from the McLaren clan in 18th-century Scotland. This classic companion played in more episodes than any other companion so far (though Tegan Jovanka served for the most consecutive years). McCrimmon’s relationship with the Doctor is lively, and filled with banter. He is also something of a ladies’ man — not surprising, considering his ethnic origins. Of course, not all has been rainbows and sunshine between Jamie and the Doctor — he almost left him in The Evil of the Daeleks. Unfortunately, after a long run as the companion of the Second Doctor, Jamie is sent back to Earth and his time immediately following the Doctor’s trial before the Time Lords. His memories of the doctor were wiped (save the memory of his first time ever meeting him).

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