The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time


Clara Oswald has served as a companion to two incarnations of the Doctor, starting with her initial appearance in the seventh series of Doctor Who. She is initially presented as three different people living in different eras of time — though they have similar names (Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald). Each of her first two incarnations died during the first episode in which they appear. However, her third incarnation elects to travel with the Doctor as they attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her multiple lives.

Clara eventually was sentenced to death throughout the course of the show, but the Doctor extracts her from her final moments and tries to run away with her. This doesn’t really pan out, so he attempts to wipe her memories of him. Clara ended up tampering with the device, so it instead wiped the Doctor’s memories of her. She left him on Earth, and begins traveling with the Doctor’s adversary Ashildr in a stolen TARDIS. As a future regeneration of River Song, she finally faced her fate and became a Time Lord in her own right.

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