The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time


Back to the modern Doctor Who, Rory Williams is the companion of the Eleventh Doctor during Series 5. He is also Amy Pond’s fiancée, and he is slightly jealous of how she acts toward the Doctor. However, he and Amy conceived a child aboard the TARDIS. The child, Melody Pond, was kidnapped at birth. She turns out to be their time-traveler friend River Song, and is the future wife of the Doctor. In an interesting situation, Rory ends up actually being the father-in-law of the Doctor after their marriage in “The Wedding of River Song”. Rory and Amy eventually succumbed to a Weeping Angel, being sent back in time. However, their adventures with the doctor are some of the most memorable of the new series, leading to this companion’s spot on our top-twenty list.

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