The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time


Ian Chesterton was one of the earliest regular characters on Doctor Who. He played as companion to the First Doctor following his investigation of Susan Foreman. She had unusually advanced knowledge of science and history for her age, prompting him to look deeper into her background. When Ian and Barbara Wright — both teachers at Coal Hill School — follow Susan home, they hear her voice coming from the TARDIS. They initially think that it’s a police box, but upon further investigation discover that it is actually the Doctor’s time machine. Ian is one of the more skilled companions. He is capable of riding a horse, swordfighting, and pressure point manipulation. In addition, he protects Barbara as well as he can. He was even knighted by King Richard I of England. He and Barbara eventually return home after two years of being missing.

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