The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time

The 20 Greatest Doctor Who Companions of All Time


Zoe Heriot is one of the earlier companions in Doctor Who, serving the Second Doctor during The War Games. The Doctor originally picked her up on a space wheel during the 21st century, where she was serving as an astrophysicist. This companion is one of the smartest of the series. She has a mathematics degree, and scores similarly to the Doctor on traditional tests of intelligence. In addition, she has a photographic memory. However, she is more book-smart than street-smart, causing her to get into bad situations somewhat frequently. She traveled with the Doctor to many locations of time and space, having many adventures along the way. Her story came to an end at the same time that Jamie McCrimmon’s did — she was returned to her own time without any memories of the Second Doctor following his trial before the Time Lords.

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