10 Actors Who Got into Fights with their Co-Stars

10 Actors Who Got into Fights with their Co-Stars


Most times, we forget that actors are people just like us, emotions and all. Sadly some actors carry this hatred into the set resulting in a charged atmosphere with a sharp exchange of words, shoving, and sometimes even blows. Some of the actors can’t stand each other in real life, but they have gone ahead and produced excellent movies together despite this fact. Other times bloated egos are to blame for the fights. We have compiled a list of ten actors who went at it with their co-stars.

Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe

In the movie adaptation of the Coming of Age novel, The Outsiders, by director Francis Ford Coppola in 1983, he cast the two. Tom and Rob were not as famous then, but they would go to be outstanding stars. During rehearsals, by his admission, Rob accidentally landed a clean shot on Tom. Cruise retaliated by throwing a real punch. It was so bad that they had to be separated. The brawl didn’t stop them from becoming good friends afterward.

Shia Labeouf and Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is by no means a small guy, more so compared to Labeouf. So, when you hear that Shia knocked out Tom Hardy on the set of the 2012 film Lawless, it is unbelievable. However, the details of the whole incident are a bit sketchy. A fight did take place. Shia Labeouf is no stranger to bar brawls, and he is well known for being hot-tempered. He does bring the temper and heavy drinking onset allegedly.

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase

Chase left Saturday Night Live to pursue movies. Thanks to his ego, if you ask many people, they will not describe him as easy to work with. He brought this huge ego to the dressing room in 1976 when he returned as a guest host on SNL. When Bill Murray, his replacement in the show, confronted him, things did not end well. Fists were flying. The two had to be separated but later made up for the comedy show beef with Caddyshack.

LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx

In the football drama, Any Given Sunday, Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J play rival teammates. Apparently, in one of the fighting scenes, LL Cool J gets too much into character and gives Jamie a mighty punch. Not to be outdone, Foxx responds in kind, and it soon escalates into a full-blown-out brawl. It took the intervention of fellow cast members to stop the two men. Before this interaction, the two were not on good terms. Foxx has insisted to himself as a real actor and LL a rapper who should stick to his lane.

Steven Seagal and John Leguizamo

Steven Seagal was difficult to work with, thanks to his massive ego and temper. On the set of the action thriller Executive Decision, he walks in and tells everyone he is in command and whatever he says is the law. According to John Leguizamo, after laughing it off and pointing out how bizarre that was, Seagal slammed him against a brick wall. When his character dies early in the movie, nobody was sad to see him leave.

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis

The feud between the two stars was no secret in Hollywood. They enjoyed colossal popularity in the 30s, 40, and 50s, but they despised each other. However, this didn’t stop them from signing up for the 1962’s Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. The feud ended up on the set with Davies striking Crawford so hard that she needed stitches while filming scenes in one of the movies.

Tom Sizemore and Val Kilmer

Kilmer has a reputation for being hard to deal with and handle. Trouble started back in 1995 during the filming of Heat and continued to the 2000 shooting of Red Planet. The altercation resulted from Kilmer feeling Sizemore was getting preferential treatment. What started as an exchange of words ended with Sizemore knocking Kilmer down and refusing to film with him.

Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington is accused of making a gay slur directed at T.R Knight in the third season of Grays Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey takes offense and confronts Washington about it. The two are reported to have physically fought, which Washington denies. His version of the story is that Dempsey arrives on set late and refuses to act, awaiting co-star Ellen Pompeo. Washington responds by insinuating Dempsey by saying he is a poor actor, which leads to the argument. Washington had to leave the show.

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty

On the set of Beverly Hills 90210, Garth and Shannen had several spats that at one point escalated to punches flying and scratching. The two admit to a bit of scratching but not fists. The revelation is according to co-star Tori Spelling in her 2008 Memoirs sTORI Telling. Shannen ended up leaving the show but later mended things with Garth, and they are now friends.

Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

On the set of Charlie’s Angels, Bill Murray fought with Liu from the first day. The main reason was Murray finding fault with Liu’s acting abilities. At one point, it is reported that she punched him. Bill Murray also had problems with the director. As a result, he never returned for the sequel.

Do you know of any other actors involved in fighting?Francis Ford Coppola

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