The Five Best Patrick Dempsey Movies of His Career


Patrick Dempsey is a perfect example of the goofy-looking kid that grew up to become the sex symbol since so many people had to do a double-take when he got older and realized that he’d become someone that they hadn’t expected, a rather good-looking and very successful individual. His secret isn’t all that big, he just never gave up and kept pushing forward through one movie after another and one appearance after another until he finally caught on and managed to gain an audience that was willing to stick with him. Diagnosed with dyslexia in his younger years he admits that it was kind of hard to really gain any ground when he tried anything, but as you can see from his career as of now his determination paid off and he’s been one of the hottest actors to step on screen for a number of years now, though it would seem that despite his continued celebrity status he’s still starting to get older and more distinguished, but is also stepping aside in a calm and dignified manner to let the next generation have their moment.

Here are the five best movies of his career.

5. Run

Not everyone loves a lucky streak and when Charlie, who was only in town on a job and didn’t even intend to visit an underground casino in the first place, ends up earning the wrath of a mob boss’s son he has no other choice but to run when the son ends up dead by accident. The father of the deceased obviously wants Charlie dead but for some reason Charlie’s lucky streak just won’t end as he not only continues to outrun the mob but in the end is saved by a timely assist from the mechanical pacer rabbit that impales the mob boss and saves Charlie’s life. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to mess with guys that are inordinately lucky.

4. Sweet Home Alabama

Amazingly it seems that, via Kelly O’ Sullivan of Country Living, that there might actually be a possibility of a sequel to this movie that would further the story and offer up some interesting developments that could stun those that loved the original. The tale of a young woman that moved to New York and was about to get married to a very wealthy and powerful man only to realize that she hadn’t divorced her first husband is one that drew a lot of people in. By the end of the movie a lot of people were thinking that thanks to their kiss and the fact that they’d reconnected they were going to live happily ever after, but that doesn’t sound as though it would be in the script for the next movie.

3. Loverboy

If you tried to tell anyone that this wouldn’t be the dream of every straight young male then you’d be lying in a big way since deep down a lot of young men would absolutely love it if a good-looking older woman paid them for certain services rendered. It would be kind of suspicious to be honest but at the same time the fantasy aspect of it would certainly appeal to many young men, especially those that are legal adults and would see it as one of the best jobs in the world. The propensity for trouble is of course off the charts since not only is he basically a male escort but he’s conducting business of a sort that would likely be frowned upon by quite a few people.

2. With Honors

There’s a reason I don’t generally like or trust critics or critic sites since Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a lousy 17 percent while the audience gave it a rousing 73 percent, indicating that the people happen to know what they like a lot more than the movie critics. With that being said, this movie did drag a bit in spots but the overall lessons that were taught and learned were great enough that it was almost difficult to believe that Joe Pesci was the one speaking when wisdom was pouring out and begging to be listened to. This proved that he’s not just great at gangster movies, but is a real gem when it comes to heartfelt pictures as well.

1. Can’t Buy me Love

If you’re wondering what happened to the rest of the cast from this movie you might want to take a look at Mia McNiece’s article in People concerning Amanda Peterson, who played Dempsey’s love interest and the reason his character became cool in the first place. Amanda passed away back in 2015, though the cause of death was uncertain it was believed to have something to do with her sleep apnea. It’s fairly easy to remember this movie and how great it was though since back in high school a lot of us were just as uncertain of ourselves and needed an extra push to feel special.

Patrick Dempsey is still an icon, but he’s definitely stepping aside little by little with a lot of grace.

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