The Five Best Audrey Hepburn Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Audrey Hepburn Movies of Her Career

Audrey Hepburn was considered to be one of the classiest actresses from the Golden Era. Her fame was something that never seemed in question the moment she hit the big screen and even if there were doubters, as there always are, she was able to silence most of them with her charm and the ability she had on screen to fill out a role to the amazement of many. Whether on stage or on the screen she was a woman that knew what she had to do in order to get the kind of results that she wanted and she didn’t compromise all that often if she could avoid it. She did come up in an era that was much different than today’s landscape, but she was still a strong enough woman that she made much of her fortune and fame on her own. Hepburn was one of the top leading ladies in Hollywood during her time and her fame was ell-earned.

Here are a few of her movies that can prove this point.

5. Sabrina

It’s hard to fight the kind of feelings you develop for someone even when you’re trying to doublecross them, but Linus does just that as he tries to keep Sabrina away from his brother David in order to let David get married and therefore close a huge business deal that has to do with his bride’s family. However, once his plot is uncovered it sends Sabrina into a tizzy and rightfully so since it’s not for certain who she can trust if one man isn’t going to return her affections and the other was just trying to get her out of the way so a business deal can go through. In the end though Linus wises up and admits his genuine feelings.

4. Roman Holiday

When meeting royalty it seems expected that one would gladly do anything to get a word or two with them or at least find some way to get the scoop on what they have to say. But of course in these types of movies the hard-nosed reporter or journalist that gets this chance through one way or another tends to find that they have a heart and a conscience and can’t rightfully put the royals on blast so long as the royals in question decide to be nice and courteous. But all in all it’s a touching movie that seems to indicate that there are some journalists out there that do in fact have a heart and will use it.

3. My Fair Lady

It’s amazing to think that the difference between the upper and lower classes of society could be that they speak with different tones and speech patterns that set them so far apart. For instance the lower class might have a much cruder and somehow more efficient way of speaking that is hard to understand, while the upper class would be concise, understandable, and impeccable in their tone and bearing. The problem with this however is that speech and diction do not make the person, though they can make them sound more educated and more deserving a place in high society. Thankfully this isn’t the only determining factor for societal standing.

2. Funny Face

Sometimes trying to change someone can backfire and even if it does manage to turn them into a different version of themselves that one little shred that remains is something that’s important to them and can’t be taken away. Jo wants so bad to go to Paris to meet her idol that she accepts what Dick and Maggie are offering her, but when she goes off track to meet her idol and he makes a pass at her the fantasy she had of such a meeting is shattered, kind of like the vase she smashes over his head. When she runs off from the fashion show she was talked into Dick follows her and eventually the two of them embrace and kiss.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A lot of these older movies are about folks with relationship issues that don’t ever seem to be figured out by the end of the movie but are left to kind of twist in the wind and are almost erased by a kiss between the two main protagonists as they find out that they belong together and probably have the entire movie. Honestly the present era isn’t too much different but this idea seems to be that through all the nonsense and the garbage that one goes through in their life where it concerns being with someone, wanting to stay with them, and then finding someone that wants the same thing they do, a kiss at the end seems to make it all better. Whatever works, right?

Audrey Hepburn was a very classy lady that lit up the screen and wasn’t shy about making her presence known.

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