Are We Going To See an Encanto 2?

Are We Going To See an Encanto 2?

Released in 2021, Encanto is an animated movie that follows the Madrigals, a family living in the hills of Colombia in a magic place called Encanto. Every child in the Madrigal family possesses a special talent that makes them unique. Mirabel, however, feels left out because she doesn’t have one of these talents. Little does the Madrigal family know, however, Mirabel is about to play a more important role than anyone could’ve ever imagined. When it comes to light that the magic of the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel proves to be the only person who can save the only home that she and her family have ever known. The movie features original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda who is well-known for creating the successful Broadway musicals Hamilton and In the Heights. Even though the film didn’t perform well at the box office, it still received many positive reviews. As a result, many fans have been hoping that the movie will get a sequel. But the question remains, is there going to be a second movie? Let’s talk about it.

What Are The Chances Of An Encanto Sequel?

At the moment, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the second installment of Encanto, but the way the first movie ended definitely opened the door for the possibility of a second movie. At the same time, however, the fact that the movie didn’t perform that well at the box office could mean that the studio won’t want to invest in another one. However, the movie being released during the pandemic likely played a role in the fact that it didn’t make as much money as many people were hoping. Encanto certainly wasn’t the only movie to suffer from lackluster box office numbers since COVID started. Even after stay-at-home orders were lifted, many people still didn’t feel comfortable going to movie theaters. Unfortunately, one of the risks of waiting long to announce a sequel is that cast members may no longer be available to work on the project. However, several cast members as well as people behind the scenes have expressed how much they loved working on the project, so it seems likely that they would be interested in doing a sequel if the opportunity presents itself. During an interview with Disney, the film’s co-director Charise Castro-Smith said, “It was wild. I mean, I was just thinking about my first day when I came here, and just this giddy, childlike sensation I had that I was like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory. Like I couldn’t even believe it. Just walking down this corridor that’s in the middle of the building that has all these different little prints from Disney history. It was just like, holy smokes, this is happening. So it was humbling and amazing.”

What Would The Sequel Be About?

Since the possibility of a sequel is still up in the air, the door is still open on what the second movie could be about. Many fans have taken to the internet to discuss some of the things they’d like to see from Encanto 2. In a thread on Reddit, a user named AngieYonagaSimp said, “I know everyone wants more Camillo, but I want more Dolores and Luisa. I want to see a sort of short episode thing for both of them where for Luisa it’s her just being a good sister or her getting hurt while working and her mother scolding her. And then Dolores maybe something including Bruno where she like, sneaks him a tiny bit of food or something? Idk I just want a Bruno and Dolores friendship thing”. Another user, RatSlapper420, also offered an interesting alternative. Instead of another feature film, this person thinks that a spin-off series would be a good idea. They wrote, “I feel like their big story has definitely found a good place to end, but I’d love to see more slice of life of the family! More Camilo, Bruno interacting with the family, them trying to figure out their new dynamics, maybe even some flashbacks of the triplets as children!” Other users echoed that they would love to see an Encanto series. In reality, this could be a better route for the franchise than trying to do another movie. Since Disney has its own streaming service, the possibilities really are endless. Either way, though, Encanto fans have made it clear that they don’t want the journey to end with just one movie. Unfortunately, though, we’re all going to have to sit back and wait to see what Disney decides to do.

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