Which Movie Aliens are the Worst?

Which Movie Aliens are the Worst?
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Aliens are a big part of the cinematic experience for a number f reasons. But one thing that a lot of them tend to have in common is that they’re going to blow humans out of the water, metaphorically speaking when it comes to an encounter. They’re bound to be stronger, more intelligent, have better weaponry, or be far more savage than humans can counter. The imaginative creations that come to mind when taking a look at the movies that have been doled out to the public over the years are proof that people have a great deal of fear concerning the unknown and that this fear ends up helping them to come up with some of the most terrifying and problematic designs that, for humans, would be tough, if not impossible, to overcome without the addition of technology and superior numbers. Even then, some aliens still manage to get the best of humanity by using one natural attribute or another. 

Here are some of the worst alien threats to ever be seen in the movies. 

5. The Thing-The Thing

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Not only is this creature terrifying considering that it can mimic other beings, but it can do so well enough to fool all but the most acute senses. One has to remember that the other sled dogs in the first movie knew that something was wrong with the new dog that was introduced into their pen, which is why they started barking like crazy. But apart from that, the fact that this thing can divide itself into separate organisms and can change things up on the fly is terrifying since it means that there is a way to kill it. Such measures need to be taken quickly and without hesitation, because this creature is quick, and it’s lethal without any question. 

4. Calvin-Life

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The problem with this creature is that it’s established as an apex predator, its motivations are pretty simple, and as a bundle of nerves and muscle, it’s incredibly strong and can’t really be taken by surprise. Not only that, but inside the space station where it’s first brought back to life, it turns the station into a feeding ground as it’s able to break down and absorb just about any living matter that it touches. One might think that the crew would kill the dang thing the moment that it decided to become aggressive, but obviously, that’s not SOP for this type of story. Of course, without the emergence of the creature, it wouldn’t have been much of a movie. 

3. Yautja-Predator

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A lot of folks just call these creatures ‘predators’ thanks to the movie, but those who have read the books and dug deeper know that the yautja are a race of creatures that are immensely strong, quick, and are a warrior culture. Unfortunately for humans, they’re also great hunters that know how to use their surroundings to the greatest effect. But one of the most disturbing things about them is that they breed and spread the xenomorphs on one planet after another so that they can hunt the creatures, thereby proving themselves when it’s time for each hunter to show just how tough they are. 

2. Mimics-Edge of Tomorrow

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credit: Edge of Tomorrow

How do you fight an enemy that can reset time, especially if no one is aware of it? The only way in this movie is kind of rough, a person has to die first so that it can be affirmed that they were doused in the toxic, acidic blood of an Alpha mimic, which allows a person to relive that day over and over. The only problem is that once a person gains this ability, they need to do whatever they can with it to break the cycle, otherwise, the mimics have proven that they’re a devastating force that a regular human has a seriously hard time with, even after intensive training. Seriously, fighting an opponent that can control time would be frustrating. Not only that but having to watch so many people die in a needless war again and again would likely wear on a person in a very big way. 

1. Xenomorphs-Aliens

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Ever since the first movie, these creatures have been established as one of the scariest and most troubling alien species in all of cinema. Even the facehuggers have acid for blood, which makes it difficult to justify simply killing them since the ramifications would be huge. Not only that, but the fact that they breed so quickly and can take over a sizable colony in a very short amount of time is horrifying. But until the audience was allowed to see the queen, they at least had an idea of what to expect. Once the matriarch of the hive showed up, though, all bets were off for a while. 

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