There’s a Connection Between Event Horizon and Predators

There’s a Connection Between Event Horizon and Predators

Seeking out possible connections between one movie and another is kind of entertaining at times, especially if there’s even a slight chance that they exist in the same universe. Event Horizon and Predators might be a little removed from one another in terms of the period but there’s a good bet that they might be closer than people think. One has to remember that Laurence Fishburne managed to find himself in both movies, as he played Captain Miller in Event Horizon and Noland in Predators. Some would gladly say that there’s no connection since Miller was taken to hell, or something like it, by the deranged and deformed Dr. Weir when the rest of the ship in EH disappeared into a black hole, but here’s the interesting thing when it comes to connecting the two. There’s no mention of Miller’s first name, and for all anyone knows, the ship could have transported itself to the same galaxy in which the predators live, and then perhaps crashed upon the world where the other captives were dropped. It’s a stretch, that’s for certain, but it’s a fun theory all the same. 

The fact is that there’s no mention of Captain Miller’s first name, and if there is then it’s so brief that a lot of people likely missed it. But with that little tidbit in mind, there’s the idea that he had to be exceptionally skilled to survive in the wilds of an alien planet, meaning that he knew how to hide, how to fashion weaponry, and when possible, how to kill. There might be those that want to laugh and think that this is ridiculous, that there’s no way that Miller could have survived a crash that would have sent the Event Horizon plummeting to the surface of a planet. But given the fact that the ship was technically alive, it feels safe to think that it might have done anything to preserve itself, meaning that Miller might have had a chance if it didn’t kill him first. 

Most folks are content to think that Miller and Weir were killed when they were sucked into the black hole at the end of the movie, but considering how the suspension of disbelief can work in even the most insane situations, it’s fair to think that maybe, just maybe, Miller found a way to survive and found himself abandoned on an alien world, but with his mind less than intact. He’d been talking to someone for a while when he revealed himself to the other soldiers, even if that someone had been in his head. Perhaps Miller was tortured to the point of madness by Weir and the ship and broke in a way, becoming a dangerous and unpredictable man. Maybe Dr. Weir finally died, along with the ship, leaving Miller hearing voices in his head, maybe even Dr. Weir’s voice. There are a lot of maybes in that theory and a lot that has to go just right to make it possible, but the fact is that it’s an interesting theory all the same since it combines two movies that didn’t get a whole lot of respect but did gain a cult following after a while. 

The Event Horizon even made a brief appearance as part of the wreckage on the junk planet in Soldier, so there were a few Easter eggs in a few movies that were a little bit meaningful to others. But the biggest leap between EH and Predators is the trip down the black hole. It wouldn’t be an impossible distance to cross, to be honest since black holes have been used as a mode of transportation in a few movies, no matter what physicists want to say. The point of fiction is that anything and everything can be possible if one knows how to write it in and make it sound appealing to the reader and then transfer that idea to the screen. Perhaps the passage that the EH uses is akin to the Bifrost in Thor, and something can exit the passageway on an uncharted course through the cosmos. It would be taking a lot of liberties with various material and universal ideas, but it still feels like something that could work as a story. 

Linking one movie to another using whatever common thread that can be found is kind of interesting since by this method one can string together a lot of different movies that might create an entire universe after a while. The fact that we never learned Captain Miller’s first name is a big reason why this would be at least somewhat possible, but writing the rest of the story would no doubt prove to be intriguing if it could ever happen. It’s not bound to be a hot topic on anyone’s list, but as a storyteller, it’s still amusing to think about. 

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