Remember Jeremy Meeks? Here’s What He’s up To Today

Yeah, remember the guy that took a mugshot and made women swoon? Well, Jeremy Meeks, fiance to Chloe Green and still a former felon as Lilly Waddle of the Daily Mail likes to point out seems to be doing quite well these days. The guy dubbed the ‘hot felon’ was given his own Wikipedia page in which his exploits and his history are briefly detailed as people can look it up and discover just why he was incarcerated and for how long. But what’s really amazing about this guy is that not only did he get noticed because of his mugshot, he was picked up as a model. It’s actually very easy to put this guy on blast so doing so isn’t really an option, but there are also those that would likely defend him by stating that despite being in prison he’s been trying to keep his life on the up and up and do the right thing since getting out and becoming a citizen again. While it’s interesting to see who defends Meeks and who tries to keep painting him as the villain it’s still just as easy to claim that he made his bed and now has to lie in it since his relationship with Chloe, who, if you didn’t know, is the daughter of prominent businessman Philip Green, seems like it might experiencing a few bumps here and there.

While the couple does have child together the difficulties for Meeks, and Meeks alone, would be that if they ever were to split Meeks would have to work out a custody deal with Chloe since his past would work against him as Samantha Wilson and Sarah Jones of Hollywood Life have revealed. At this point though it would seem that Meeks has been adamant that they’re still together no matter that Chloe has been seen without her engagement ring and he’s been seen around town acting very much like a single man. Of course the amount of gossip and rumor going about seems to indicate that whatever is happening could be construed in many different ways given the rise of public opinion and the overall nature of his fame. One thhing that seems certain is that child support wouldn’t be nearly as tough on Meeks as it’s been on several other men throughout history since Chloe has the means to take care of their child without fail considering her background and the wealth that she has at her disposal. Some might say that this would be less than fair when it comes to Meeks and his responsibilities towards their child, but others would likely pipe up and state that taking a man’s money when the mother has more than enough would be downright petty.

It’s a big tangled mess any way you look at it to be honest since there are still those that would love to vilify Meeks for the fact that he’s an ex-con and rose to fame immediately after getting out when many ex-cons have to start life all over again from the bottom. This would give credence to the argument that a lot of folks are simply envious and quite jealous of the man since he went to prison for robbery and assault, or corporal injury to a child if you want to get technical. The fact that he also claimed that he was a Crip is another mark against him in the eyes of many people. There are many still who would rather see him ascend from that life since he did his time and took his punishment and was discovered quite by accident and was given a modeling position once he was released. It’s a confusing and head-shaking situation that people need to figure out for themselves since Meeks has been moving forward since his release and doing his best it would seem to remain a model citizen and just lead a life that’s best for him and those he cares about.

Honestly you can be jealous or envious of the guy and waste your time doing so but if you take a simple look at his Instagram you’ll at least get a sense that while he might be just like any other model he’s still living his life and doing his thing. Anyone’s need to hate on the guy or throw shade at him needs to come from something other than jealousy since quite often it’s way too easy to not like someone for the success they have, especially in this case, than for any real reason that makes sense. Meeks did mess up and land himself in jail, that much is obvious, and he did luck out and hit it big when he got out, but unless that really affected anyone then it’s time to leave the guy be and just allow him to live as he wants.

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