A Tribute to an Underrated Actor: BD Wong

B.D. Wong has been around for quite some time if you really think about it. His career has been punctuated by a lot of different roles and some of them are very notable but some are easily forgotten. Like his first role in film, if you take a look:

Disregard the title of the clip, I’m not responsible for that, but this was the first time that B.D. Wong was seen in film, and at the very least it showed his propensity for overacting just a bit. Of course if you look at the whole movie this was kind of the effect that a lot of people had and in truth Wong was still very new to the idea of being on film so it seems fair to say that he might have gotten just a tad carried away. That’s why the clips will keep coming.

Just take a look and you can see how his acting evolved over time.

Father of the Bride

Being an openly gay man doesn’t mean that Wong is going to be flopping his wrists and exaggerating his speech. That kind of thing comes with the act and he performs it beautifully. In fact in some roles you might just figure that he’s a very cultured and intelligent man and you would never assume that he’s gay at all. That’s how good of an actor he’s become throughout his years spent in front of the camera, he turns on the charm and it begins to flow without any visible effort. There might be those moments when he seems to play it a little too fast and loose for the situation but likely as not that’s what the character and the situation calls for in the script.

Men of War

He plays a convincing role no matter where he’s at, even if it’s highly stereotypical and seems to run the danger of him being typecast. Wong is the kind of actor that just seems to leap into a role and doesn’t really mind what the context of it is so long as he can fit the part. That’s a very admirable trait to be honest since it means he doesn’t take a whole lot personally when it comes to a part in a movie.

Jurassic Park

Dr. Henry Wu will make two appearances on this list because in this movie he was still easy to see as the good guy. His and Hammond’s intentions might have seemed a bit misguided and more prone to egomania than anything but Wu genuinely seemed like he enjoyed his job and was in the business of making miracles rather than being an assistant to a modern-day nutjob. Hammond had the idea to make a park where people could see the past brought back to life, but one thing that seemed to have been overlooked is that the creatures of the earth’s far-flung past were not that nice, and were not some spliced-together creature that had no business ever existing.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

He thrived on this show whenever he was around because he had so many great actors to back him up and to work with. From Mariska Hargitay to Ice T to Christopher Meloni he was given a wide variety of emotions to work with and he performed in an epic fashion since he played a character that was bound and determined to help but had to remain as neutral as possible most times. There were episodes like this where he got very much into the role and seemed even more in the moment than usual, but that just made the part all that more special.

Jurassic World

This is where Dr. Henry Wu really skirts the line between being a bad guy and a neutral party. He has a serious god complex in this movie but at the same time he’s not overtly evil since he was doing as he was paid to do and as he was instructed. You can’t go around making killer monsters that nature never intended without some serious side effects. Adding more teeth, making them capable of growing to full size in a short amount of time, and granting them the ability to camouflage and avoid heat sensors are serious misfires when it comes to creating anything, let alone a rapacious eating machine that will hunt for sport and kill anything that gets in its way. Wu isn’t the villain unfortunately, he’s just the scientist that finally got in over his head and doesn’t seem to care since he’s doing what he was asked to do. He makes a good point though, humans have been used to being on top for a very long time.

For all he’s done in his career Wong is way underrated, and he needs to be given a chance to play the lead or at least take a much bigger role.

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