Want to Make Your Own Dark Crystal Skeksis Mask?

Skeksis Mask

Like myself a lot of people have probably binged on one of the newest show, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and as of now it might already be old news or it might be seen as the beginning of something new and exciting since it answered a lot of questions as to what happened to create the original movie, but has raised many more since there’s a lot more to consider since we’ve been formally introduced to the Gelflings and the Skeksis in a way that didn’t happen when the movie came out. It does seem as though there might be a number of continuity issues, but there’s also the idea that this will be cleared up if we actually do get a season 2. In the meantime there are plenty of ways to keep getting into the spirit of it, and making your own Skeksis mask could be counted as one way that you could have fun with this show. While the site that’s offering the template to make your own Skeksis mask features many different designs to choose from and is pretty cheap, it’s also one of the more simple designs that isn’t too hard to follow and comes out looking quite impressive when it’s all said and done. The rest of the costume might be harder or just as simple depending on how effective a person can create a costume, but all in all it’s a chance to be crafty and creative in a way that is also fun because it helps to bring back something that a lot of us enjoyed as kids.

Amy Ratcliffe of Nerdist even goes into what it might take to create a truly impressive Skeksis costume, and while it might not be easy and simple for everyone it can be made to turn out as something insanely impressive. The only issue that it might carry is the fact that it might be kind of uncomfortable after a while since if you watch the characters move about in the show and in the movie they tend to shuffle a lot and use wide, sweeping motions that require a lot of momentum. When you think about it that makes it kind of hard to think of why the Gelflings would have such an issue with them since the smaller beings are much more agile, have a great deal of mobility, and when mobilized into an army are quite deadly considering that they easily outnumber the Skeksis. But living under the fear of reprisals for speaking back to their masters for so long seems like it might be why they had such a hard time coming together in the show. When they did finally come together however they were able to show their masters that they were far stronger than they’d believed.

The Skeksis are perhaps the worst villains to come along in a long time since they fully believe that they’re in the right and that they have what it takes to rule when in truth they’re about as nasty, selfish, and narcissistic as can be. But that’s the point, they’re the opposite side of the coin from the Mystics, who are inherently good and might even make a decent mask of their own if someone was willing to try. The Skeksis mask seems as though it’s easy thanks to the many hard angles and broad planes that make up the facial regions and the snout. The Mystics might be tougher largely because they have a much more wrinkled and smooth appearance than their worse halves. Let’s not even get into the Gelflings since it would be best for a person to simply adopt the hairstyle and the ears in order to round out the look. The Podlings might be an easy mask to make since they have a very potato-looking face that’s round and cherubic enough to be emulated with a fair amount of ease.

One thing about the show is that there’s a hope that the second season will be just as good and will show the gradual but eventual downfall of the Gelflings, as tragic as that will be, and the thinning of the herd when it comes to the Skeksis and the Mystics since it was mentioned by the Skeksis that they needed to call everyone back to the castle. The Dark Crystal is a very enticing but tragic story since it was originally built upon an insurmountable tragedy that nearly destroyed an entire world. But it’s also a story that managed to hook a lot of us in since it spoke of hope, determination, and the kind of heart that it takes to push past the despair that can crush a person. It might sound a bit melodramatic, but that was the general feeling of this show and the movie that came before it, and should probably be what drives it forward from this point. Sam Ashurst of Digital Spy has already said that it shouldn’t take nearly as long to see the next season as it did the first, so get those Skeksis masks ready, because hopefully we’ll be seeing it sooner than we think.

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