10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Any Given Sunday”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Any Given Sunday”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Any Given Sunday”

Any Given Sunday is the type of sports movie that doesn’t give you that good, warm feeling in the pit of your stomach when the team that’s the focus of the movie scores a touchdown or does something right. Instead it’s a movie that gives you the gritty, often unseen underside of the sport that people don’t often want to see and would likely choose to ignore when given the chance. This is the side of football that some people know about but not everyone celebrates, the darker part of the business that is just as necessary.

10. Cap Rooney’s house was actually Dan Marino’s house.

The opulent home is something nice to look at, but given that Dennis Quaid is a big celebrity it could be that his house is just as great if not more so.

9. Al Pacino enjoyed his role.

He said it was a pleasant way to step aside from playing a cop or a gangster, the kinds of roles he usually plays. As a football coach he was very believable.

8. The NFL didn’t help out with this film in any way.

They didn’t want to be associated with this film for some reason and even went so far as to dissuade players from trying to audition for it. They didn’t say they couldn’t but it wasn’t encouraged either.

7. Jaime Foxx and LL Cool J actually got into a fight.

The scene called for a fight, but at the same time LL Cool J simply went too far. Since that time however they’ve become good friends.

6. Robert De Niro turned down the role that Al Pacino took.

Oliver Stone had a preference for either man but Pacino was the one that took the role so everything turned out for the best.

5. Oliver Stone is a San Francisco fan.

That had a lot to do with the final showdown between the Crusaders and the Sharks. It’s a little surprising that the Crusaders weren’t the team that Stone put up as the protagonists.

4. Shark Stadium is really the Orange Bowl stadium.

This movie made use of a lot of different areas that were in reality something else that had to do with the sport.

3. The F word is used well over a hundred times in this movie.

This means that the word was used at least once every couple of minutes. It’s not a record but it’s certainly not a judicious use of the word either.

2. Lawrence Taylor was elected to the Hall of Fame during the making of this movie.

LT has been in a number shows and movies as a guest star and has shown a lot of capability an actor. In this movie he takes on the role of a mentor more than anything.

1. Jaime Foxx is actually considered to be too short to be an NFL quarterback. 

Foxx only stands about 5’9″, while Quaid is 6′, which means that he’s just at he mark of what’s considered to be tall enough. But if you really think about it, Drew Brees is 6′ and Russell Wilson is under that height.

It’s one of the few that you should absolutely watch at least once.

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