The Five Best Tom Hardy Movies of His Career

The Five Best Tom Hardy Movies of His Career

There are few other actors like Tom Hardy that are seen as crazy and just out of control with their acting, but the trick is that he’s in control at all times. He just seems as though he goes nuts with his parts and adds so much detail and depth to his characters to shock and amaze people. In several movies he’s been seen as quite normal, while in others there’s been no apparent limit to just how far he’s going to go in terms of how he’ll play the role he’s been given. There are more than just five appearances that are actually masterfully done by Hardy but the top ones are those that make you either love or hate the character he becomes since he puts so much into it that the man seems to disappear for a little while as the character emerges and takes over, roaring forth to show the crowd just what he’s all about.

Here are those five top performances.

5. Inception

This mind-trip of a movie is something that you really need to sit down and get into or you could lose your place and bearings in a matter of seconds. This could be why some people didn’t like it since it does make you think an inordinate amount about what’s going on and how it all ties together eventually. But Hardy plays a character that might not be well-liked by everyone but is still fairly crucial to the success of the team and therefore is valuable. His roles in movies aren’t always the biggest but a lot of times they are at least important enough that he deserves the attention he gets.

4. The Revenant

He’s not a good guy in this film at all, and in fact a lot of fans were no doubt rooting for him to get his comeuppance a lot sooner rather than later. This is the mastery of his characters though as Hardy can make you absolutely hate and revile him. The actor is someone that you can’t help but like, but when he’s on screen and that persona is safely tucked away his characters come out and they’re not always the nicest of people considering that he dives into his role the way an Olympic high diver descends into a pool. He goes deep, and he gets understandably dark as he continues to delve into that character.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

Some people liked him as Bane, others didn’t care for him at all. He had to put on a lot of muscle to play this role and wound up kind of wrecking his body in the process. But the overall result was that he became one of Batman’s worst and most deadly enemies since no one in the history of DC had ever manhandled Batman this much and gotten away with it. Of course in the comics and in the film Batman rose up eventually and came back to put the hurt on Bane once again, but in many ways it seems that the writers used Bane’s victory as a one-off for the character and then favored Batman once again as he took the victory over an opponent that was obviously superior to the dark knight.

2. Mad Max

If there was ever a worthy successor to Mel Gibson’s Mad Max then it would be Hardy. He doesn’t say much and he doesn’t need to in this film. In fact if it had been more about him and less about other matters then it might have been just a little better, but it was still an interesting film despite it all. Fans of the old films were expecting something on a scale that would blow their expectations away, and while some were satisfied others were left feeling a bit melancholy for the old days it would seem. This film wasn’t bad at all, but there were moments that could have been switched up and made just a little better.

1. Bronson

The UK’s most famous prisoner is someone that the crazy nature of Hardy could fully encompass as he went on to create a film that was eye-popping from start to finish. There was a lot of artistic license taken with the story of Charles Bronson, aka Michael Peterson, but throughout most of the movie they did manage to keep true to some aspects of his life and even threw in actual headlines from Bronson’s history that were genuine and not made up. Bronson has been the UK’s most famous prisoner for some time and his story, while not told with 100 percent accuracy, is something that really attracted viewers for a while despite the fact that not a lot of people were made privy to it.

Tom Hardy is the kind of actor you look to when you need something that no one else can or will do.

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