Is it Time to Just Give up on Shia LaBeouf?

Is it Time to Just Give up on Shia LaBeouf?

Is it Time to Just Give up on Shia LaBeouf?

There are actors that fool around and get in trouble, and then there’s Shia LeBeouf. It’s a little sad to be able to say this considering that he had a well-rounded career going not that long ago. Since then however he’s been getting in trouble and creating a stir nearly everywhere he goes. Is it time to give up on him? So far in the last few years he’s done nothing but foment controversy and prove that he’s just not ready to go back to being the prominent celebrity he already was.  It’s said that some people let fame go to their heads, so what’s Shia’s excuse. It’s almost like he allowed the fame to sail over his head while he took a hard left and started down Nowhere Lane headed towards Obscurity Avenue.

Some would like to say it’s a descent towards the bottom and the only way back is up, but Shia seems to defy that logic by sinking ever lower. So here’s a few reasons it might be time to think about saying goodbye.

You can watch his evolution and descent through film.

Shia seemed like a happy kid when he was on the show Even-Stevens. Right up until he started acting in The Transformers movies he looked as though he was having a good time. After that things began to change and he started taking on a new persona. It was almost as though he had become fed up with Hollywood and was content to bite at the hand that fed him so to speak. His breakdowns, erratic behavior, and arrest record actually started before his role as Sam Witwicky, but things didn’t really get any better after that.

He turns down movies due to lack of respect for the director and/or writer.

Shia has become a filmmaker and yet has never really written a script or even sat behind the camera that often. This makes it hard to respect the decision to criticize a director or a writer when he’s never done it. The problem with respect is that it’s earned, not given, and despite being a seasoned actor Shia should know very well that compromise is the name of the game in most venues. In Hollywood if you can’t get your way then it’s necessary to send in an agent to get the job done, not cry like a child because people won’t do what you want. It can’t be easy to be an actor and follow direction at all times, but sometimes actors take on the roles of large, spoiled children that can’t see past their own desires.

He can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Recently Shia was arrested for disorderly conduct when he bummed a cigarette and got a bit aggressive towards a cop. Now a lot of reports haven’t really said what went down so it’s fair to say that both sides of the story haven’t been fully revealed. But if even half of it is true, and with Shia’s record it’s easy enough to believe, then he could have easily calmed down and just walked away or handled it like a gentleman instead of pitching his customary fit in public.

Is it time for Hollywood to say goodbye to Shia LeBeouf? Unless he can change his ways quick fast and in a hurry, then all signs point to yes.


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