10 Things You Didn’t Know about George Eads

10 Things You Didn’t Know about George Eads

10 Things You Didn’t Know about George Eads

George Eads is an American actor. He tends to be best-known for having played Nick Strokes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In more recent times, Eads played Jack Dalton on MacGyver, but that has come to an end as well. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about George Eads:

1. George Means “Farmer”

George comes from the Greek name Georgios, which in turn, comes from a Greek word meaning “farmer.” It is interesting to note that while St. George became a popular figure in the English-speaking world because of the Crusades, the name didn’t see much use in said region until George I of the House of Hanover came to the British throne in the 18th century.

2. Eads Comes from Old English

Eads is an interesting surname that comes from an Old English term meaning “abundant riches.” For context, Shakespeare’s English is considered to be Early Modern English, while Chaucer’s English is considered to be Middle English. Old English is the kind of language found in Beowulf, which sounds German because, well, it was a Germanic language whose closest relatives were Old Frisian and Old Saxon.

3. Born in Belton, TX

The city of Belton, TX is the place where Eads was born as well as the place where Eads was raised. Location-wise, the city sits between Austin and Waco where it makes up a part of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area.

4. Member of Phi Delta Theta

At Texas Tech University, Eads studied marketing. While he was at the school, he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, though said fraternity tends to be called Phi Delt for the sake of convenience. Phi Delt was founded in 1848 by a collection of undergraduate students called the Immortal Six, who claimed the cultivation of friendship, the pursuit of high mental culture, and the pursuit of high moral standards for their chief principles.

5. Used to Be a Salesman

Before he became an actor, Eads was a salesman, which makes sense considering his marketing background. To be exact, he was a copy machine salesman, though it is interesting to note that he is known to have sold both first aid and safety supplies for Cintas as well.

6. Drove to LA in a Borrowed Pickup Truck

When Eads made the choice to head to LA for the purpose of pursuing a career as an actor, he did so in a pickup truck that he had borrowed from his stepfather Dudley Baker. Said pickup truck was so beat-up that in those earliest times, he was limited to driving it around during the day because its headlights were busted.

7. Got His Start on Savannah

Eventually, Eads got his start on a soap opera called Savannah. His role was supposed to have been a one-time thing because his character was killed off in the pilot episode. However, Eads proved to be popular enough that he started showing up in flashbacks, which in time, led to him receiving a more permanent role in the classic soap opera contrivance of the identical twin.

8. Played Nick Stokes for More than a Decade on CSI

Even now, Eads remains best-known for playing Nike Stokes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is perhaps unsurprising seeing as how he started up in the role in 2000 and continued until 2015. In effect, this means that the character was in the show from the start until very close to the finish, seeing as how Eads missed out on the TV movie that served as the series’s big finale.

9. Was on Young Justice

Besides CSI, Eads has been involved in a wide range of other projects as well. One curious example is how he was the one who voiced the Flash on the animated show Young Justice. With that said, it wasn’t a starring role because perhaps unsurprisingly, Young Justice is focused on younger superheroes such as the Flash’s protege Kid Flash.

10. Has Quit the MacGyver Reboot

It has been announced that Eads has left the MacGyver reboot, which is because he wants to spend more time with his young daughter in Los Angeles. However, there are reports that his character will be written out in a manner that will make it possible for him to make further appearances in the future, which should come as welcome news for Eads fans.

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