The Amber Heard Abusing Johnny Depp Stories are Getting Worse

The Amber Heard Abusing Johnny Depp Stories are Getting Worse

The Amber Heard Abusing Johnny Depp Stories are Getting Worse

Is there anyone else that just wants the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard thing to go away? At this point it’s all a matter of he said-she said tripe as Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered says in his own words, and the whole mess has convinced a lot of people of just one thing: neither party is wholly innocent. As far as their guilt goes that’s something that has been established and said to exist in a number of ways since Depp has been kind of an oddball and not altogether stable person throughout the years and Heard has essentially damaged her case by somehow allowing an audiotape to be leaked to where anyone with two functioning ears and a rational mind can listen. What sells the best however is drama, and there’s plenty of it here when it comes down to who did what to whom and how much it really damaged their career, their lives, and so on and so forth until people can’t decide just which side they should be on, team Johnny or team Amber. Thus far it’s done a number on their careers since Deep is claiming that he lost a chance at returning to the character of Jack Sparrow for another Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which may or may not be true, while a lot of people are actively demanding that Heard be dropped from Aquaman 2.

The likelihood of the latter is still up for grabs since honestly petitions don’t do much considering that people are still bound to attend the movies if only because of the other actors that are in them, even if this makes the petition and their bargaining power look considerably weaker. One of the most obvious issues with this case is that neither side is willing to reach a compromise, a way to say ‘enough’ before backing away and just walking off into the sunset, alone and finally quit of each other. Neither one of them are angels, that’s been shown throughout the years, and neither one of them are the devil incarnate, though Heard is surely being compared to this description by some people at this point and it’s not too far off the mark if she has indeed been attempting to ruin Depp’s career with false allegations. Even worse is the fact that their lawyers are pulling the back and forth game, though it’s likely that each of them are at least trying to get the matter resolved, though if there’s a compromise in the legal works at this time it has yet to be seen or even spoken of by their legal counsel. At this point it feels more like a giant game of ‘can you top this?’ that has no end in sight.

This is one of the major problems with celebrity break-ups, especially the messy ones such as this, they tend to take up far too much time and attention, gaining both celebrities more press and more notice for something that’s bound to be remembered in the years to come and will continue to put a dark mark on their otherwise successful careers. It’s a wonder at this point if Heard and Depp even care since truly it doesn’t appear that they’re ready to back off or find common ground. The fact that Heard is now being slammed for having been abusive is even worse and her lawyer is only compounding it by bringing up the idea that she was being nasty in order to defend herself. In other words it was Depp that was abusive and Heard was simply getting back at him repeatedly, over and over again, to let him know that he couldn’t abuse her whenever he felt like it. Some might call that being proactive, others might call it being abusive, but without the full story we just don’t know. One thing that is known however is that those who decided to believe Heard when she made allegations of abuse at Depp’s hands are now feeling a bit foolish for not suspending judgment until they heard the whole story. In fact it should make a lot of people that have been following this story feel foolish since the idea of ‘believe women’ isn’t a negative thing, but it can become one when it’s used to state that women should believed without evidence, no question, no matter what. Obviously it’s not the wisest course to pick when it comes to situations like this, as the woman in question is proving to be just as bad, if not worse, than the man she’s accused.

Sigh. Overall this case needs to end about a month ago so people can find some new bit of drama to harp on, as the truth is that there will always be something for people to complain about, especially when it comes to Hollywood.

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