Five Things You Didn’t Know about Rhonda Mccullough

Rhonda McCullough-Gilmore is the widow of Bernie Mac but has since remarried, thus explaining her surname. Currently, she serves as the head of a charitable foundation, which is one of a number of her pursuits. Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Rhonda McCullough:

She Is the Widow of Bernie Mac

A lot of people will know Rhonda McCullough best for being the widow of Bernie Mac. She was at his side in the hospital when he was struggling with the pneumonia that killed him in the end. Moreover, she has contributed in various ways to various tributes to the comedian since his unfortunate passing, with a notable example being her role as the producer for a Bernie Mac-centered documentary called I Ain’t Scared of You.

She and Bernie Mac Were High School Sweathearts

McCullough and Bernie Mac were very close. Furthermore, they had been very close for a very long time because the two were high school sweethearts. As a result, that made the abrupt end of their relationship that much more painful for McCullough.

She Spends a Fair Amount of Time Supporting the Bernie Mac Foundation

Currently, McCullough still spends a fair amount of her time supporting the Bernie Mac Foundation, which makes sense seeing as how she is its CEO as well as its president. For those who are curious, the Bernie Mac Foundation exists for the purpose of combating a disease called sarcoidosis, which is most common in African-American women as well as people of Scandinavian descent but can be found in other groups of people as well. Generally speaking, most cases of sarcoidosis will go into remission on their own, but there are also cases that become recurring, which is a serious problem because the disease causes the inflammation of organs that can lead to notable scarring.

She Is an Excellent Cook

In the present as in the past, McCullough is an excellent cook. This made her very compatible with Bernie Mac, who as it turned out, was someone who loved to eat. In particular, Bernie Mac loved soul food, which was one of McCullough’s specialties. Nowadays, McCullough makes lighter meals because her age means that she has started putting more effort into looking after her personal well-being. However, what remains true is her belief that love is an important ingredient in cooking that can help bring people together through something of shared interest.

She Has Remarried to Horace Gilmore

McCullough has gotten remarried to Horace Gilmore, who was brought to her attention by her younger sister, who stated that the mind that she suspected that the man would become her next husband. As it turned out, McCullough’s sister was right because there was an instant connection when the two met months and months after that initial conversation, which McCullough has called God-sent. Amusingly, Horace Gilmore is just as incapable of cooking as McCullough’s previous husband, though like Bernie Mac, he proved to be very appreciative when she showed off her culinary skills.

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