10 Things you Didn’t Know About Kron Moore

10 Things you Didn’t Know About Kron Moore

10 Things you Didn’t Know About Kron Moore

Kron Moore is an American actress that is currently starring as Victoria Franklin in new show The Oval. She also had a brief career as a music artist in the early 2000s. Here are ten things about her that you may not know.

1. She Was Born In Detroit

Kron Moore was born in Detroit in April 1975. She is the daughter of Tony and Marine Moore. Her father has sadly passed away but she still has a close relationship with her mother. She regularly posts photos of her and her mom on Instagram. She went to school in Detroit and it was here that she started acting in school plays. She knew from an early age that she wanted a career in performing, and although she initially pursued a career in the music industry, she has always had a love for acting.

2. She Performed In Several Bands As a Teenager

When she was younger she performed in a number of different R & B and soul bands before moving on to be a solo artist. She released an album in 2002 and although it was not the greatest commercial success, it was still something that Moore enjoyed doing. She is focusing on her acting at the moment, but there may be some point in the future where she is able to combine these two talents. She has already done some work on the stage and so musical theater could be an option for her at some stage in her career.

3. She Has A B.A In Psychology

After she left high school she attended the University of Alabama where she gained a B.A in psychology. Although this is not something that she has put to use yet, it does give her an option for a future career if she doesn’t want to pursue acting for the rest of her life. She also studied in the Broadcast Arts Video Program at the Specs Howard School where she was top of her class. The things that she learned in this program will continue to serve her well in her acting career.

4. Rhonda Freya English Is Her Acting Mentor

According to IMDB, Moore considers Rhonda Freya English to be her mentor when it comes to acting. The two women are very good friends and take the chance to meet up whenever their busy schedules allow. English is best known for her roles in Highland Park and The Job, where she has worked alongside some of the biggest household names such as Danny Glover and Ron Perlman. She has been able to share the experience she has gained from working with these actors with Kron Moore.

5. She Has Worked With Tyler Perry On A Number Of Shows

The Oval is not the first show where Moore has worked with Tyler Perry. She has also had a guest role in The Haves And Have Nots. To date The Haves And Have Nots is Perry’s most successful series to date, but from what has been seen of The Oval so far, there are high hopes for the success of this series as well. If the series is renewed for a second season, then this will be good news for Kron Moore, as she will be able to reprise her role as Victoria Franklin.

6. The Oval Is Her First Starring Role

Although she has appeared in several other TV shows throughout her career, The Oval is the first show where she has had one of the main roles. Ans-Wer suggests that she will gain many more fans when people see her acting in The Oval on a regular basis. The fact that her profile is rising means that we may see her in more recurring roles in the future in different shows. She has already started filming in her role as Dr. Chapel in DC’s Stargirl.

7. She Suffers From Motion Sickness

Moore lives in Atlanta but filming for The Oval takes places in Los Angeles. This means that she has to fly between the two cities on a regular basis. However, this can sometimes cause problems for her because she is prone to motion sickness when flying. She has asked her fans for their advice about how to make this less of an issue for her. The problem is not bad enough to stop her flying altogether, but it does make her fairly uncomfortable and it is something that she would rather not have to deal with.

8. She Often Posts Motivational Messages On Her Instagram Account

Moore believes that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams if they have enough faith in themselves. She often shares motivation posts on her Instagram account to this effect. She has worked really hard to get to the position she is in now, and she wants other people to know that they can do this too. She strongly believes that everyone is in a position to empower other people and this is something she has been spoken about in interviews on several occasions.

9. She Has Been Compared To Kerry Washington And Viola Davis

Her character in The Oval, Victoria Franklin, is an ambitious woman who is not afraid to let people know what she thinks of them. This has led to comparisons with other strong characters such as Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating. The actresses that play these characters are considered to be two of the best in the business and so this is a real compliment for Kron Moore. It becomes even more of a compliment when you consider that this is the first regular role that she has had.

10. She Has A Net Worth Of $500 Thousand

Mixed Articles reports that Moore has a net worth of $500 thousand. Most of this income is from the work she has done as an actress. Now that she is gaining more recurring roles, it is likely that this income will increase. She will also have gained some royalties from the album that she released back in the early 2000s.

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