10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zay Wilson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zay Wilson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zay Wilson

Isiah Wilson tends to go by the name Zay more than anything. He is a newly minted reality star, a collegiate athlete, and someone who likes to live his life of his own accord. He is one of the men who was coerced to appear on a new Netflix show called “The Ultimatum,” by his girlfriend. She wanted to get married, but he didn’t feel ready, and they ended up in a situation that no one wants to be in. It’s a new show that has some serious fans already, and everyone wants to see how things are working out with him in his life now. Did things work out? Where is he now?

1. He wasn’t Sure He wanted to be Married

He was not the one who wanted to go onto this show. His girlfriend, Rae, wanted to marry him. She was ready, and she wanted him to be ready. He did not feel that she was open enough, and there were some walls. It turns out she is bisexual, so he was right not to want to pursue marriage. Things did not work out for them, but it took the show to make that apparent.

2. He is a Basketball Player

He played basketball in college, and he’s quite good. He’s a student at Kansas Wesleyan University. He is working on his degree, and he hopes to go into the sports management field when he is done. It’s something that interests him and he’s excited about his future.

3. He is Hurt

During the show, he was hurt. His girlfriend of more than two years was with another man for three weeks, they connected hardcore, and she could not tell him honestly that she wanted to be with him after that was said and done despite being the one who wanted him there. He was hurt, and he went out all night long. This led them to becoming physically violent with one another the following morning. He is not proud.

4. He is Single

He’s not in a good place with anyone right now, but he is in a good place with himself. We mean to say he is a single man who is just trying to figure out what he wants, focus on himself, and focus on his own future. There is not a thing wrong with that.

5. His Faith is Important

If there is one thing we can ascertain from his Instagram presence, it is that he is a man who has a lot of faith in God. He fully believes that God is there, He is working for him, and He is going to take him where he needs to be in due time. It’s lovely to see.

6. He’s Got Fans

We don’t know how many followers he had on the ‘gram before he began this show, but he is into the six figures now. He has 108k followers, and his numbers are only going up. We imagine that he gains a few female admirers each time he posts another shirtless photo (or one with his shirt open because he’s usually wearing one). His abs deserve a fan club. He’s working hard on those.

7. He Lives in Austin

He’s a man from Texas. He went to school there prior to becoming a student at his current university, and he loves it there. However, there are some rumors that he is currently living it up in LA with some friends considering he’s been spending some time there as of late.

8. He Did Give Rae Another Chance

Despite the fact that they were violent with one another, they broke up in an ugly situation, and they were not happy together, they tried it out a second time. It turns out, however, that they did not make it work this time, either.

9. He Seems Private

He seems to be the kind of guy who likes to live his life without everyone watching him. He has managed to keep things to himself, he stays out of the public eye, and he is not sharing too much of anything with anyone. He’s sharing a little here and there, but nothing like a bunch of details.

10. He Likes to Party

At the end of the day, he’s a man who is young, he hasn’t a family of his own, and he is living it up. He likes to go out, go clubbing, meet new people, have some drinks, and make some memories. It’s where he is in life right now, and he is loving every second of it.

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