Which Netflix Original Show Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Netflix Original Show Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Netflix Original Show Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

For years, Netflix has owned the binge-watching TV game. They were the blueprint for original programming on a streaming platform, back before Hulu or HBOMax ever existed. So, I wanted to homage to the kingpin of original series, and help you find your next Netflix obsession. And don’t worry, I’ve got everything from romance to horror to comedy on here, so there’s bound to be something you’ll love! Let’s get into it!

Aries – Bridgerton

You love a good slow burn, Aries. You’re the most passionate and hot-headed of the zodiac signs, so it makes sense that you’d want a show about love, sex, drama, society’s norms, and everything in between. You’ll need to buckle in for two seasons of the hottest television to ever come from Shonda Rhimes (and if you’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy, you know that she ain’t playing with the romance). Your jaw will be on the floor from start to finish; just make sure you’re watching alone *wink*.

Taurus – Inventing Anna

As a Taurus, you’re drawn to stories that are based on fact. You love being able to fact-check a show or get into the real inspiration behind the narrative. Look no further than Inventing Anna. It revolves around a young woman who creates a fake identity and scams billion-dollar banks out of their own money. And this stuff really happened, that’s what’s so crazy about it. You’ll be rooting for her, even when she does awful things.

Gemini – You

Oh Gemini, you love a good ‘push and pull’ narrative. This show is drama, intellect, and tension; all drenched in sex and murder. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece, much like you. Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti give a masterclass on slow-building tension, even when things on the surface might look normal. It’s really a battle between two psychopaths who love each other but also hate each other; and Gemini, you live for the duality of love and hate.

Cancer – Orange Is The New Black

Cancer, your attention can be fleeting sometimes, so you need something episodic that doesn’t try to hit you over the head with metaphorical lessons. You like some lighthearted fun, but you live for drama; which is where this show shines. You’ll be bouncing back and forth between laughing, crying, and screaming at the television (which is just how you like it!).

Leo – The Haunting of Hill House

I feel like it might be a hot take to give you a horror show, Leo, but part of me thinks you’ll live for this. There’s a variety of flawed characters for you to buy into, and you never shy away from a tragic hero. The supernatural elements might not seem like your thing right off-hand, but I can promise you that the family dynamics and drama are completely your speed. Step out of your comfort zone with this one, Leo, I think it’ll pay off.

Virgo – The Crown

You love a good biopic, don’t you, Virgo? You’re here for the authentic and genuine drama and tension, which this has PLENTY of. It follows all of the wildly speculated stories that surround the royal Windsor family, and truthfully, it’s some of the finest character acting I’ve seen in a long time. These aren’t just evocations or impressions, you truly feel like the actors are the people, it’s insane. Plus, the Charles and Diana drama? Hats off, because that is untouchable chemistry and tension.

Libra – Space Force

Libra, I’m giving you a comedy. But it’s not just a comedy. It includes some of the most brilliant minds in television comedy; Steve Carrell, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow to name a few. You’ll love the reality of their situations, and you’ll never fail to laugh at their clear incompetence. It’s a tongue-in-cheek jab at one of Donald Trump’s dumbest ideas, and it doesn’t disappoint with laughs or story arcs.

Scorpio – Ratched

You love the macabre, Scorpio. This show will check all your boxes for television; social commentary, horror themes, mental hospital tropes, and murder. Sarah Paulson puts on one of her finest performances, as the legendary Nurse Ratched. You’ll be intrigued by the over-the-top drama, incredible acting, spot-on costuming, and genuine mystery this show holds. You never know where things are going next, and just when you think a character could never do something so horrible, they prove you wrong.

Sagittarius – The Queen’s Gambit

Sag, you want a show that is intellectual and funny; preferably, funny because it’s intellectual. The writing on this show is stellar, and the voice given to our main heroine isn’t the typical feminine voice that is associated with this time period. She’s an outcast, and incredibly intelligent, besting every man that dares to try and compete with her. It’s hilarious, sexy, and thrilling; you’ll be sucked in from start to finish.

Capricorn – Midnight Mass

You’re a little serious and intense, Capricorn. So it makes sense that you’d want your show to feel the same way. From start to finish, this will have you on the edge of your seat, touching on horror, thriller, and mystery themes in a small town with a new Catholic priest. You’ll enjoy the religious and social commentary, on top of the amazing acting from the entire ensemble. Don’t be afraid to watch with the lights on, Capricorn, we know you get scared sometimes.

Aquarius – Human Resources

Aquarius, you’ve never been afraid to go there. You don’t care in the least about society’s normalcies, and you have an affinity for pulling back the curtain on topics that others have a difficult time talking about. You’re not afraid of embarrassment, especially if it’s in the name of helping others (you are the humanitarian of the zodiac, after all). You’ll revel in their collective fails, and it’ll make you feel less alone in your own struggles; which can be really important for you sometimes.

Pisces – The Umbrella Academy

This is a unique show, Pisces, and it has its quirks about it. Above all, it’s charming and cathartic, which will go well with your emotional disposition. You can get attached to the characters, because they feel very grounded and real, even though their powers and abilities are fantastical. You never forget that these are just normal folks trying to survive with some not-so-normal abilities.

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