Who Should Lead The Avengers Now?

Who Should Lead The Avengers Now?

Who Should Lead The Avengers Now?

This is actually a good question since the top leaders of The Avengers are gone now and there are a few candidates that might actually be a good fit. But there’s a lot to consider with all of them as well, since those that are left aren’t all entirely stable, not that the former leaders were either. But considering how far the MCU has come and how many in the group that will no doubt become the next Avengers will want to assert some form of dominance, it does feel that there will need to be a hierarchy of sorts in order to avoid a power struggle the likes of which could lead to another Civil War. That might happen anyway, especially since there are plenty of other stars that want to join the MCU and the fact is that there are those that might be aiming for the position anyway. But the question is, just who would be the best to lead the next team and why? There are a couple of individuals that are a stronger choice than others, but even they have faults that can’t be overlooked. 

Captain Marvel

This is the obvious choice of course since Brie Larson has been going as far as to state that she would love to be the leader of the Avengers in the upcoming movie that has yet to be conceived. But there are a couple of problems with this since while she is a powerful character, she’s hard to see as a leader since the character has usually been just fine being on her own and being a part of a team. Plus, Brie’s character doesn’t appear to work well with others unless they have a common goal and are bound to be better off when it comes to working toward the same end. With more development to her character, it could work, but based on Endgame, it’s a tough call. 

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme does have a commanding presence and he wields a great deal of power as well, but he also has his faults, such as his arrogance and the fact that does tend to work better on his own. He can be a part of a team and still be great, but there is that feeling that he prefers to be on his own until there’s a threat that requires more than he can provide at the moment. This usually means that he needs allies to take care of a larger force that so far in the MCU he hasn’t been able to handle. It’s funny to think that a character that holds such power might need allies more than once in a while, but the MCU has definitely taken its characters down a few notches. 

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

One caveat to making Sam the leader of the Avengers is that he’s not Steve Rogers. What this means is that he relies heavily on his ability to take to the skies and provide whatever support he can in this manner, while Steve was on the ground calling the shots with Iron Man taking to the skies, creating a team effort that actually worked more than once. Unless Bucky is willing to join the Avengers, or unless Sam finds another super-powered friend that can handle the ground and pound maneuvers, it’s likely that he’d be a hard leader to accept despite the combat experience he comes with. 


A lot of people are probably rolling their eyes at this one since it’s likely that Hawkeye might be retiring at one point or another, but despite being more of a soldier than a leader, Hawkeye has plenty of combat experience and the tactical knowledge of how to run a team. The thing about his role in the MCU is that he’s been reduced to being a specialized soldier with the ability to take on enemies that are well beyond him, but not much else. Clint Barton is a guy that’s seen a lot and done a lot in his time, but he’d be low on the ladder when it came to picking a leader for earth’s mightiest heroes, if only because he’s not as gifted as the others. Plus, he might have his hands full with Yelena eventually. 

War Machine

This is another name that would make sense on paper since he’s seen plenty of combat and survived and has gone up against many of the same enemies that the other Avenger’s have, but much like Clint, Rhodes is more of a soldier than a leader. That might be one of the only things that might hamper his appointment to leader of the group, but other than that, he might be a welcome face to see heading up the team or his own branch of it at one point. 

Characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, and Thor are definite non-starters for leadership, for different reasons of course. 

Sam the leaderbased on Endgame

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