Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Experience Costs $6000 for 2 Nights

Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Experience Costs $6000 for 2 Nights

For the price of this stay and experience one would almost hope to be heading into outer space for real, but when the price tag for that particular trip is brought up this might actually look like a bargain. The price does include quite the experience, as those that can pony up the dough will find themselves in an immersive adventure that will allow them to play the part of a Resistance ally and will put them up for two nights in a cabin that looks as though it’s quite luxurious. Putting the brakes on this to poke around doesn’t sound like the most polite thing to do, but the more practical-minded among us might do this simply out of habit since a lot of folks do want to know what they’re really getting for $6k and aren’t about to let Disney simply tell them that it’s going to be the best experience of their lives. Personally, a bottle of alcohol and a beachfront with a cozy cabin to go home to would be a great vacation for a lot of us, but everyone has different tastes, and corporations like Disney know this. And plus, there are plenty of Star Wars fans that would do just about anything to find the necessary funding for this trip.

It’s even funny, but possibly true, to think that influencers might try to con someone into paying so that they could provide a photographic review of the place that might increase business. The reason this is so funny is that the Mouse House would likely never go for it, but people would still try no doubt. But getting back to the experience at hand, it does feel as though this might be something that people would be willing to save up for since it does sound like a good time, but the cost, the cost is just so high.

There are plenty of people in the country that can field this no problem, but there are just as many people that are of the same mind that we are when it comes to the overall expense. A lot of folks tend to take vacations that are spendy, while some manage to spend a couple grand on their entire family, or even less depending on where they’re going and what they plan to do. Six thousand dollars for two people is easy for Disney to break down considering how much they’ve put into the experience to draw people in, but justifying it in this manner still isn’t bound to get people on their side when the price tag continues to loom over the whole thing. Those that can afford it might not think about it much and honestly if they have the money then more power to them. Those of us that worry over buying groceries or paying the mortgage might think otherwise. One thing about this trip though, and it likely is impressive, is that if something is going to be this expensive it feels as though the money isn’t quite going as far as it could if the place is going to be packed and crowded just as much as the regular trip to Disneyland might be.

It’s true that without knowing how everything is supposed to work that it might be a bit dismissive to talk about the experience in such a manner, but it’s a little too easy to liken this trip to one of the many cruises that are continually hyped up now and again. The idea is typical that the more money one has, the more luxury one can afford, and that’s fair since those spending more money are typically doing so for the pleasure of having more privacy, more of the good life, and more of, well, everything. But spending six grand on an experience that’s bound to be like another trip to Disneyland or Disney World, albeit the big difference is that this is all Star Wars, sounds like something that might stress a lot of people out. The best thing to do if a vacation is going to be more stressful than life is to prioritize and ask yourself if you actually NEED to spend money to have a good time. Most of the time the answer is yes, but the amount being spent shouldn’t need to be enough to give a person a panic attack.

Let’s put it this way, this experience looks and sounds awesome until one gets to the price that needs to be met. The practical-minded individual will also realize that they’re not as likely to get the kind of bang for their buck as they think since places like this are designed to make money, which means that creature comforts such as the luxurious rooms and meals are likely to be advertised as being great and wonderful but will fall short of the mark once a person gets there.

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