13 MCU Characters Ranked By Their Fighting Skills

13 MCU Characters Ranked By Their Fighting Skills

13 MCU Characters Ranked By Their Fighting Skills

The Marvel Cinematic Universe never disappoints. MCU has loads of powerful characters! From Thanos, Hela, to Loki, the MCU has gone to great lengths to show us that bigger isn’t always powerful. That said, true believers, let’s get down to ranking the most powerful Marvel characters. What do we mean by powerful? There are various aspects when it comes to strength apart from the kicks and blows. Some things to put into consideration include technique, potential, actual wins, and variation of power. Read on, folks, and let’s see some of the strongest MCU fighters.

13. Abomination

Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, transformed into his monstrous size. He was injected using super-soldier serum modified with Bruce Banner’s gamma-mutated blood. Abomination’s abilities are the same as those of the Hulk. However, even when he gets angry, unlike Hulk, Abomination’s strength remains the same. Emil, as a commando, possesses excellent combat skills.

12. Loki

Loki is MCU’s most dangerous villain, owing to his incredible gifts. As the son of the evil King Laufey, Loki consistently betrayed his king and brother to get the Throne of Asgard. He inherited magic powers from his adoptive mother. The powers saw him become a skilled and formidable sorcerer. He eventually succeeds. Having died in Thanos’ hands, there is an expectation for his resurrection again in the Avengers: Endgame.

11. Ancient One

Ancient one holds the ability to outnumber most of the strongest MCU characters. He is one of the most influential comic book characters you need to know. The former Sorcerer Supreme was one of the mightiest members of the Masters of the Mystic Arts and Doctor Strange’s mentor. Ancient One is among the Smartest Marvel Characters.

10. Laufey

Despite having a short screen appearance, Laufey possesses great gold-level powers. These powers rival most of the Asgardians. Laufey has both immortal and superhuman capabilities. In Thor, Loki gave Laufey access to Asgard. However, Loki’s son tricked him and instantly killed him. He is portrayed as All-Father Odin’s arch-enemy as one of the Norse mythological characters.

9. Heimdall

Idris Elba, aka Heimdall, was the Bifrost Bridge former guard. He was also the protector and gatekeeper of Asgardian. Heimdall can see and hear everything in nine realms with godly strength, stamina, speed, and durability. It is for this reason Odin had him guard Asgard. Ultimately, he was a trustworthy keeper and a great character; thus, a king must-have.

8. Spider-Man

Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, got a bite from a radioactive spider. The bite made him gain the equivalent strength of a spider. He becomes faster, more agile than the average human, faster, and more durable. What’s more? Spiderman is a full-fledged Avenger! You know he can climb walls and shoot the web from his hand. Right? He has almost unlimited access to weapons and super suits from Tony. He is among the least number of characters that know how to build the designs. He can only get more dangerous.

7. Captain America

When Steve Rogers, in his role as Captain America, was enlisted to battle in World War II, he got the injection of super-soldier serum. In “Civil War,” Captain America has had an opportunity to kill Iron Man, thus putting him high in the ranking. In hand-in-hand combat, he’s probably unbeatable. Captain America also quickly masters other weapons he touches, like Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer. He wields a vibranium-made shield. According to Thor, it’s only him as a human who can lift it.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man has all his powers coming from his genius-level intelligence. While in Afghanistan under the captivity of a terrorist group, he built his first suit for Iron Man. In the following years, he improved and rebuilt the suit constantly. He eventually creates a highly durable suit through harnessing nanotech. “Endgame” built and solidified his reputation. In brief, a wield of power in all six Infinity Stones; Iron Man succeeds in outsmarting Thanos.

5. Vision

Paul Bettany, aka Vision, as an android, had a body made of synthetic vibranium. It gave him the ability to fly and pass through walls. Vision in “Age of the Ultron” could wield Thor’s hammer. His power was Mind Stone, Bruce Banner, Tony Shark, and J.A.R.V.I.S (Tony’s artificial intelligence). In Books, he is supposed to be among the known mighty avengers. However, he never tapped into the true power of the Mind Stone. Possibly Vision understood the horror and destruction the Stone would cause.

4. Doctor Strange

Being the ultimate player in Infinity War, the MCU version of Doctor Strange, compared to his comic counterpart, lacks mystical powers. In the movie, Doctor Strange fights much better than the Guardians and uses mystic arts more effectively against Thanos. Using his mystic powers, he can teleport, create shadow clones, and fly. By combining all his magic powers and skills, the Sorcerer Supreme is among the strongest Marvel characters.

3. Hulk

The Hulk is a combination of Bruce Banner’s body and Hulk’s body. Hulk is a creation of a massive blast of gamma radiation and super-soldier serum. He is immortal and a genius. Even though Hulk has been the strongest avenger physically, he seems no longer interested in fighting. His body may still be nearly indestructible and wildly strong, but he is no longer ferocious. It also looks like after “Endgame,” only one of his arms will be functioning.

2. Thor

Ranked by popularity, Thor is one of the best MCU characters. The Mighty Thor displays his worthiness in Avengers: Infinity by simultaneously defeating many outriders. He is so incredible that movie makers constantly devise ways to cripple him. While there’s no quantifying how amazing he is (Marvel always puts hindrances in his way), he is still among the strongest heroes we’ve come across.

1. Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch

In the Cinematic Universe, Elizabeth Olsen, aka Scarlet Witch, and her brother voluntarily presented themselves as subjects of Hydra experiments. They evolved with worldly powers. Wanda had powerful abilities like energy manipulation, telepathy, and telekinesis. Her psionics allows her to fly, project dangerous blasts of energy, generate force fields, and move large objects. Wanda was the only one who could face Thanos one-on-one without sustaining any injuries. And she did it twice! Were it not for Thanos raining fire from his ships in “Endgame,” she was on the verge of overpowering him.Thor

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