Five Predictions We’re Making about Doctor Strange 2

Five Predictions We’re Making about Doctor Strange 2

Five Predictions We’re Making about Doctor Strange 2

The upcoming Doctor Strange sequel is being looked at from a number of different angles for a lot of reasons since not only did Doctor Strange survive Endgame along with most everyone else, but he’ll be hosting the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, as well. Then there’s always the idea that there are quite a few extra-dimensional enemies that are continually looking upon the earth as a staging ground for war or simply want to add it to their list of conquests. Nightmare was considered to be the next big bad for Strange to combat, but right now it doesn’t sound certain that this is still the case after all that’s happened. It could still be the case, but as of now, as Phase 4 of the MCU continues to roll on with the upcoming movies and series that will push forward in 2021, such as the Loki series that will be released on Disney+ in June, things are happening that are causing many people to wonder what is going to come next and what big event will be in store for the MCU in the coming years. One has to remember that it took quite a while to build to the Infinity Saga, so it’s fair to say that the Doctor Strange sequel will be one more step on the way to something bigger, though whether it will take as long is hard to say since there are a lot of names to be revealed in the MCU according to the schedule. In the meantime, we do have a few predictions to make for the next Doctor Strange movie.

5. It will point to the arrival of the X-Men in some way.

This is always assuming that the mutants won’t be introduced at an earlier time, but the reasoning behind this is that the opening of the multiverse to the MCU is something that might give a better explanation as to why the X-Men weren’t around for the Infinity Saga. In the comics, several mutants, including the Scarlet Witch of the time, did take part in the Infinity Gauntlet series. Wolverine and Cyclops were there as well, and the crossover series that happened involved quite a few of the mutants. This would be a good way to bring the idea of homo superior into the fray, so long as the mutants are given a decent entrance that people can appreciate.

4. Baron Mordo will take a bigger role.

It does feel that Mordo, who will be there apparently, should take on a slightly bigger role since he’s been Strange’s rival for so long in the comics that it’s only fitting to think that whatever big bad will be taking on the Sorcerer Supreme, Mordo will be there to take sides and make things even more difficult. Whether he would come to his senses and attempt to help Strange or lull him into a false sense of confidence is hard to say, but it does feel that Mordo’s part in the movie should significant enough for Strange to have to worry about. Whether he’ll interact with Wanda or not could be intriguing.

3. Wanda’s sons will be involved.

This is an easy prediction to make since at the end of WandaVision when it’s seen that Wanda has isolated herself and is attempting to grow wiser in her time away the audience could easily hear her sons calling to her through the ether. This will no doubt be a factor in the movie, though it’s hard to say if it will be a huge factor or if it will be something else, perhaps the manifestation of Mephisto or some other character that will need to be dealt with. Wanda’s sons are definitely a sore spot for her and it’s bound to happen that she’ll be easy to manipulate if her sons are brought into the picture.

2. The opening of the multiverse will greatly expand the MCU.

Right now the MCU was expanded when it took to space and then again when it was revealed that there were other worlds than what people currently understood. Those that had read the comics already knew this, but the casual fan will no doubt wonder just how far things can go when the multiverse is truly opened and the mention of other worlds starts to become a reality. One can only imagine the debates that are going to open up because of this, but while it could be a huge way for the MCU to expand, it could also backfire unfortunately if it’s not handled in a manner that’s easy for the fans to grasp.

1. This movie will help to establish the next big event in the MCU.

It feels as though with the post-credit scenes we see things being set up in a certain way to introduce one big event, and then that big event will give way to an even bigger event. Case in point, everything from Iron Man led initially to the creation of the Avengers. Everything from that point led up to the Infinity Saga, though there were post-credit scenes that definitely stayed grounded between two or three movies.

The MCU is only getting bigger, and people love it.

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