Five Things Movies Get Wrong About Theme Parks

There are a lot of misconceptions about theme parks that people seem to take without any argument or even a peep. If a trusted authority figure says something is after all then it must be. Theme parks sometimes get to make people believe things simply because the people want to believe them and in truth a lot of us accept it for the sake our kids. But in movies things tend to get exaggerated a lot and blown out of proportion for the sake of drama, theater, and of course the occasional need for mayhem. The reality of the average theme park is that things don’t always go as planned.

Here are a few examples of how movies give us the wrong impression.

5. The controls to the rides aren’t generally left unattended. Problem Child 2

So it’s more of a carnival than a real theme park but it’s close enough. In this film you get to see as Junior simply walks up to the control board for the ride he’s been denied and then flips a comically-colored dial to the maximum setting, which of course is not recommended. Now it’s true that the controls aren’t guarded by armed officers but they’re usually not that accessible either.

4. When the park is closed the entrance will be closed as well. National Lampoon’s Vacation.

This was definitely used for comical effect but when a park is closed the entire thing will be locked down. Any maintenance crews coming in and out of the park will need to either be let in and then sign in as this is the acceptable method of keeping order and making sure that no wandering tourists decide to enter the park for free. It’s also a huge liability of people just walk into the park when it’s under construction of any sort.

3. Regular maintenance and upkeep are common to keep the rides in good working order. Final Destination 3

No matter how much people might state that the person running the ride looks less than enthused to be there, the rides are kept up to date on their inspections and are usually checked on a regular basis to make sure they’re running right. Despite any exemptions that some states allow no park wants an accident to happen since it’s not just about a possible lawsuit, but also the reputation of the park.

2. Getting on the rides takes a lot longer than it seems in the movies. Encino Man

In some movies you might see people moving through the lines at a regular pace, but the truth of is that unless the park is only half full, which is bad for business, you’ll be waiting in a lot of lines for at least an hour or more if there are enough people. Skipping through line is not only a bad idea but it’s a sure way to either get gang-tackled and reported to security or even expelled from the park.

1. Everyone is always happy. Saving Mr. Banks

Walk down the avenue of any theme park in the world and you might see some smiles and a generally good time being had by a lot of people. But you will also hear crying children, see people having less than a stellar time, and be subjected to as much negativity as you might find outside the park as well.

Theme parks are only magical in the sense that they offer a bit of fun and a brief escape from the world outside their walls. Eventually you have to leave and go back to your normal routine.


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