So Exactly How Strong is the Hulk Anyway?

So Exactly How Strong is the Hulk Anyway?

So Exactly How Strong is the Hulk Anyway?

When people talk about the Incredible Hulk they want to believe that he’s the strongest superhero that’s ever lived, largely because he’s done some very impressive things in his long, long career. But the sad part is that comic fans know a lot better than this even if they don’t want to admit it all the time. The Hulk is in fact quite strong and at his peak, if he can be said to have a true one thanks to the writers and all they have to contribute, it’s said that he can break worlds in half with his rage. But sadly that’s not quite as impressive in the Marvel universe as one might think. The Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets, right? Well sometimes rage is a little more destructive to the person feeling it than the person on the other end.

Here are a few good examples.

In World War Hulk his rage carried him pretty far.

When he made his way towards earth and stopped over on the moon to have a ‘discussion’ with Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans knocked him back with just a whisper. Of course that wasn’t enough to put the Hulk down since he came roaring back and beat the living daylights out of Black Bolt soon after. But had the Inhuman leader really been intent on hurting the Hulk instead of warning him there’s a good chance that he could have broken every bone in the green goliath’s body with his voice alone, since his voice at full strength would be too much for many individuals. But upon reaching earth finally the Hulk proceeded to beat down the heroes that stood in his way one by one, though not in the same brutal fashion you would expect. He went to punish, not to kill, and that’s the only reason his true potential was never really seen in the World War Hulk series. There were in fact a few heroes that had the capability putting him down, but they had their own reasons (cough, cough, the writers, cough, cough) for acting the way they did. Imagine what might have happened if Ghost Rider would have laid down his Penance Stare on the Hulk. That would have been interesting.

Unfortunately once he gets off of earth his power becomes middling to inconsequential.

Throughout the entirety of the Marvel universe there are still many beings that are right to fear the Hulk since he can pulverize a great many of them. But once you start speaking of those whose power levels start where the Hulk’s begin to taper off then you have an entirely different fight on yours hands. The Silver Surfer is capable of taking Hulk out, as are many other celestial beings that he’s fought on occasion and lost too horrendously. Zeus, Odin, Galactus, and obviously Thanos are just a few that have given the Hulk a good thumping. As you might have seen in Infinity War, Thanos can manhandle the Hulk pretty easily and not break a sweat doing it. One of the biggest problems that Hulk has had for a long, long time now, and that has allowed opponents like Wolverine to hurt him continuously, is that he’s a bruiser, a brawler, and doesn’t have a lot of hand to hand combat technique. Of course when you’re whole idea of fighting is being big, strong, and durable, as well as possessing a healing factor that works continuously, being well-trained in combat doesn’t seem like a must-have. But that leaves the door open for other opponents that are highly trained in combat to come waltzing in to target the Hulk’s weak spots and exploit them.

Even on earth there are a few individuals that can take him on.

Wolverine was already mentioned, though the fights between the two of them have ended in draws or with the Hulk taking the win more often than not. The savage mutant has proven to be one of Hulk’s greatest enemies in the past however since he can hurt the Hulk unlike many others on earth can. But there are a few other names that can do some damage, such as Red Hulk, who in his normal form is one of Hulk’s oldest enemies, General Ross. The Red Hulk can actually absorb gamma radiation, the same energy that powers the Hulk, and thereby make him weaker. For as strong as Hulk is, and he’s one of the strongest on earth, he still gets beaten no matter that he can keep getting angrier and summon up more rage and enough power to go critical if he really needs to. The sad part is that this still wouldn’t be enough to carry the day in many situations.

When you pick a fight with gods and beings that can survive in space your boast of being the strongest doesn’t really hold up that well.

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