Five Villains That Should Show Up in ‘Deadpool 3’

Five Villains That Should Show Up in ‘Deadpool 3’

Five Villains That Should Show Up in ‘Deadpool 3’

It’s already a well-known fact that another Deadpool movie is coming, but what isn’t known, apart from how Disney is going to be treating the merc with a mouth, is who will be taking the top spot when it comes to the villain. It would appear that Josh Brolin and James McAvoy have been added to the cast (don’t quote me on McAvoy), which leads one to believe that we’ll be seeing Cable return and perhaps even see Professor Xavier make an appearance. But in regards to the villain that will be showing up in the third movie, it’s hard to guess who it’s going to be, but we can at least state who we would like to see since Deadpool has collected a series of enemies and allies over the years that might change their mind about him every now and then when the situation warrants it. Some enemies might be reluctant, but a lot of allies are definitely reluctant since Deadpool is the kind of friend that you might claim but still want to keep your distance from at times since he’s a liability to everyone, including himself.  Here are a few villains we’d like to see in Deadpool 3, if possible. 

5. Taskmaster

It’s true that the Taskmaster was revealed to be the daughter of Black Widow’s main villain, but given that she’s no longer under the control of her father and is insanely skilled, it’s likely that she would make a great match for Deadpool. Of course, this would be a fight with an eventual end since Taskmaster’s ability to mimic the fighting style of her opponents is kind of limited when it comes to Deadpool, who is known to do whatever is needed to win a fight, which means that he’s not as easy to predict and has no set style to study. This is something that was established in the comics and would be wise to keep. 

4. Mr. Sinister

Let’s be honest and say that Deadpool and pretty much any other movie in the MCU at this time would be smart to start adding in elements that could eventually lead to the X-Men, and this movie could be one of the many that continue to set up the building blocks to such an appearance. Mr. Sinister is usually the guy behind the scenes that is manipulating others, but without really diving into his over the top comic book appearance, it’s possible that he could just be a very dark stranger that isn’t seen that often but who is seen just enough to be a problem for Wade. There are always plenty of henchmen to go around. 

3. Bullseye

Bullseye is kind of in a class all his own, and while he and Wade haven’t met in the movies they have interacted in the comics. Considering that they’re both mercenaries it might be nice to see them as being friendly toward one another to start with. But if Wade had a contract put out on him it would have to end the friendship rather quickly, since Bullseye isn’t really the type to give up on a payday, and he’s also the type that doesn’t like to give up on a target, especially if that target makes him miss. Wade certainly wouldn’t stand still for the Daredevil villain, but even if he didn’t, Bullseye is bound to still be a fun enemy to watch. 

2. Stryfe

Since Cable has already been introduced this would be a lot of fun to see Stryfe since he’s a different version of Cable that was taught how to be a villain by Apocalypse. He’s another big boss character that could step in and be the guy that Deadpool has to face at the end, or at least help with since Cable and Stryfe have a long history of battling one another. But one thing that’s evident with a lot of these villains is that they might have to be given a makeover when it comes to their wardrobe since the kind of style they exhibit at this moment is that which was popular in the 90s. Meh, it might still work. 

1. Lady Death

This is from out in deep left field since Deadpool and Lady Death have interacted a few times in the comics, but it’s fair to say that in a movie it would have to be handled in a very delicate manner so as to make it a part of the story but not overwhelm or confuse the viewers. Plus, Deadpool has usually embraced Lady Death simply because he was ready to end it. This time around there would need to be a part written as to why she would be an enemy and not the object of Deadpool’s ridiculous affections. If not for Thanos being gone, it might even be a tale that could start a serious rivalry…that Wade would lose. 

Who wants to bet that the Mouse House is thinking of someone else entirely?


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