10 Amazing Movies with a Mostly Female Cast

10 Amazing Movies with a Mostly Female Cast

10 Amazing Movies with a Mostly Female Cast

It is official. Not only men can have strong role models in a film. From The Rhythm Section to Black Widow, their stories uphold strong female characters. In addition, the award-winning directors and actors are uniting to do the narratives justice. Here are some of the movies with a primarily female cast.

1. The Rhythm Section

The Rhythm Section follows a novel with the same title. The film is a thriller narrating Blake Lively (Stephanie Patrick). It is about the death of her family three years ago from a plane crash. Stephanie becomes an undercover assassin to go for a mission. She desperately wants to find the real story about their deaths. The Rhythm Section direction is by Reed Morano, famous for producing The Handmaid’s Tale. Other female stars include Black Panther’s Sterling K. Brown and Captain Marvel’s Jude Law. Lively always had strong characters, like in The Shallows, a killer shark hit in 2016. She also takes the role of an assassin.

2. Bombshell

Bombshell features a cast led by Margot Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots, Nicole Kidman of The Goldfinch, and Charlize Theron of Long Shot. It follows allegations of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes, Fox News CEO, and three other women who plan to expose him. After Ailes died in 2017, the movie will be on the experiences of Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly exposing him. Since the current world has more people talking about their experiences, there is no better time to share the narrative. Bombshell, directed by Jay Roach, boasts a supporting cast with Allison Janney and Kate McKinnon. The three female leads have garnered strong praise, including nominations for Golden Globe for Robbie and Theron.

3. Birds of Prey

Margot Robbie further impresses fans by returning as Harley Quinn, anarchic DC antihero. She first appeared in Suicide Squad 2016, but the unpredictable Quinn fights Black Mask – Ewan McGregor. Fortunately, she gets help from Renee Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress, played by Rosie Perez, Jurnee Smollet-Bell, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

4. Mulan

Mulan, Disney’s live-action remake, features Liu Yifei, a warrior that vows to bring her family honor. It is a movie animated in 1998 that became popular for featuring a formidable action hero led by a female. She had to be disguised as a man to qualify in fighting the Huns. The martial arts epic of the 2020 remake is considered a mega-budget. As for Niki Caro, Mulan’s director will have to steer Yifei’s portrayal to acclaim fame.

5. No Time To Die

No Time To Die, the 25th Bond film, is billed as 007 being the final movie by Daniel Craig. As that brings a considerable pull, there is a supporting character making fans curious. According to the trailer, Nomi, famous for having a role in Lashana Lynch, is the new 00 agent. The movie is not strictly female-led, but it is a turning point as it is the first Bond film to have a female 00 agent. Nomi replaces Bond’s absence from the beginning of the movie. She is married to Madeleine Swann, Lea Seydoux, who appears in Spectre, and finally goes to Jamaica. As it seems in the trailer, Nomi and 007 appear to share antagonistic chemistry. They seem to match in both espionage and fighting skills.

6. Wonder Woman

After Wonder Woman was a success in 2017, we expect the Themysciran princess to return for another adventure. Regarding the title, the sequel occurs in the MTV era; big hair and leg warmers. Diana has to face her enemies; Kristen Wiig (Cheetah) and Pedro Pascal ( Maxwell Lord). There is also a small event where Steve Trevor reappears, despite his death in the first film. It is mysterious how they managed to make Chris Pine return at that stage.

7. Promising Young Woman

Carey Mulligan shows how versatile she is again in Promising Young Woman, an offbeat thriller directed by Emerald Fennell. She plays Cassie, a traumatized lady desperate to revenge against her wrongdoers. Other supporting casts include Jennifer Coolidge, Clancy Brown, and Bo Burnham.

8. Military Wives

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are a cute pair in the Military Wives comedy-drama. Thomas is tough-talking, suitable for her leadership position in the military wives choir. She has to bring together a group of traumatized women whose husbands serve in Afghanistan.

9. Like A Boss

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne are starring female friends who plan on uniting to start a beauty firm. The problem is that they have different approaches to running the business. They have both showcased their talents in previous comedic roles like Bridesmaids and Girls Trip. Having a supporting cast like Jennifer Coolidge, you expect things to be great.

10. Black Widow

Years after consigning Black Widow to a supporting character in the MCU, it is finally enjoying its solo outing. Scarlett Johansson is starring, an individual interested in knowing the history of Romanoff. Following the Avengers, Endgame events, it was not clear how a solo adventure could fit in. However, Black Widow will occur between Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War events. Romanoff is lonely and not sure of what is ahead of her. She finds herself on the run, forcing her to dig her past. Though it is among the original Avengers, there are only snapshots of the history behind Romanoff.Jurnee Smollet-Bell

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