10 Things You Didn’t Know about Blake Lively

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Blake Lively

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Blake Lively has been around show business for a while but it was still something of a surprise, and a pleasant one, when she started getting more exposure in films. As an adult she’s been starring in a lot more notable films as she’s taken on various roles that have allowed her to expound a bit more. Accepted was probably one of her more enjoyable roles as she wasn’t a damsel in distress but she was someone that needed time to make up her own mind and discover what she really wanted to do in life. In other movies she’s been kind of the troubled individual that needs to figure out where her life is taking her and what she really wants to get out of it, which is kind of her thing. So far it’s worked for her since she has completed several movies that have seen her gain more and more notice as her career has really taken off.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. For The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants all she had to do was leave a photo, she didn’t even audition.

She’d never done anything like this before and so just left a photo with those that were overseeing the auditions. Initially they thought that she was joking but when it was deemed that she was being serious they decided that she was the right one for the role they were trying to fill and she was contacted soon after.

9. She was a very busy and very involved person in high school.

In high school she was class president, a cheerleader, and she was in the choir as well. That might not sound like a lot, but think about adding studying to that, then class president duties, then cheerleader practice and games to get to, and the fact that her choir went to different concerts as well. She was a busy person in high school.

8. Blake attended 1st grade with her older brother when she was 3 to offer him support.

He didn’t want to go to school by himself but she was so tall that she got away with pretending she was 6 years old. Unfortunately this led the teachers to believe that she was slow and needed to be held back. That’s kind of funny really since she was just 3.

7. She’s kind of self-conscious about her height.

Blake stands at about 5’10” so she’s taller than a lot of women and seems to feel a little self-conscious about it. With heels she’d easily be six feet tall and probably tower over even a couple of men.

6. Blake and Ryan Reynolds were together for 11 months before they got married.

Some people stick to the idea of courting for a year or two or more, but others find that they can live with the person they choose and decide to take it the next step further and bind themselves together after less than a year. So far they’ve been doing very well in their marriage it seems and compliment each other very nicely.

5. She visited Disneyland twice a week growing up.

How many people can possibly say that they did this? That would be something that a lot of kids would fully enjoy while growing up, especially since it would make them feel as though Disneyland was like their personal playground at some point.

4. She’s actually played Guitar Hero competitively.

Blake is kind of addicted to the video game and plays it quite often it sounds like. You almost never think of people in show business sitting down to enjoy such mundane things since the kind of money they have makes it seem like they’d be taking vacations all the time when they’re not working. But really they’re all about relaxing sometimes just like anyone else.

3. Her first kiss came during one of her movies.

For some people that first kiss has to be something special since it’s the first one out of many that they’ll give in their life. But when it comes on screen it almost seems as though it’s not quite as special and has no chance to be since it’s out there for everyone to see. But then again it’s all a matter of how people feel about it.

2. Blake went to 13 different schools before graduating high school.

You could say that she moved around a lot, but there are army kids that don’t move around this often and while she was home-schooled for a portion of her life you would think that this would be highly disruptive to her learning process. Yet she did just fine growing up.

1. Martha Stewart is one of her idols.

This makes sense considering that Blake likes to cook. Yes, you read that right, she likes to cook. People really need to brush up on their favorite celebrities’ hobbies when they can, since a lot of them do enjoy the same things that non-celebrities do.

Blake is a charming face to see on screen a lot of times.

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