Why Timothee Chalamet Should Try a Superhero Movie

Why Timothee Chalamet Should Try a Superhero Movie

Why Timothee Chalamet Should Try a Superhero Movie

It’s kind of funny that anyone would warn a person away from superhero movies at this time, but it’s even more amusing since he’s skirting the edges of that world already by taking on the roles of characters such as Willy Wonka and Paul Atreides. It’s true, neither one of those characters is a hero or a villain of any type, but they’re both important literary characters in their own stories and tend to stand out far more than any of the other characters that Timothee has taken on at this point. The mere fact that he did read for the part of Peter Parker before the role was given to Tom Holland is sign enough that it’s not time to give up the idea entirely, but that it’s wise to be choosy. The other bit of advice, no hard drugs, is one that he should take to heart and stay away from no matter what. But this strange stigma attached to being a superhero is understandable in a way, but also a bit negative given that when one really looks around, a lot of actors have done quite well after taking on a superhero role. 

Trying it once wouldn’t hurt, especially if it happened to be a one-time appearance that was made to show whether or not he could accomplish the role. If you get where I’m going with this then bravo, but the whole shaming issue isn’t something that needs to be focused on since if Timothee doesn’t take on such a role, it’s a good bet that at least a few people will take it as the admission that he CAN’T make it work. Granted, that’s a less than popular opinion since Timothee has already shown the world what he can do at this point, but he still has a lot of ground to cover if he wants people to ever forget the fact that he has never appeared in a superhero movie and apparently has no plans to do so.

It’s not even a matter of whether he can do it, it’s a matter of the fact that he SHOULD since like it or not, this will be a part of his career until it’s finally squashed somehow, or until he proves that he can or can’t. To be fair, his acting talent is incredible and he’s the kind young man that’s bound to help set the pace in show business as he keeps moving forward. Plenty of great actors have gone without trying to prove their superhero chops, but those that tend to get remembered the most either have a very set style of acting that people have come to love, or they’ve given in a time or two and shown something that they said they would never do, or something that’s out of character for them. The reason for this is pretty simple, it would be nice to see what hero he could possibly play and if it would agree with him. Despite the image of Batman Beyond above with Timothee placed in the role, it’s fair to think that anything other than Batman might be a good idea since the dark knight is currently in the process of being played by Robert Pattinson, or will be when March comes around. 

But there are numerous other heroes or even villains that Timothee might be able to take on if he would take the chance to see if it could work. The idea that Timothee should never try this at least once in his career is kind of self-defeating since like it or not, mistakes do need to be made from time to time in the career of a celebrity in order to show them how to grow, how to expand their career, and how to better themselves in ways that success doesn’t always make clear. It’s fair to think that nothing in the world is going to make Timothee change his mind unless he happens to think that it’s a good idea, and hearing what he has to say about it at the moment is kind of disconcerting since it indicates that it’s a type of indoctrination against superhero movies that he’s been through in this case. To be fair, it’s up to Timothee, and if he never stars in a superhero movie then so be it.

But trying it just once isn’t the same as trying something that’s going to ruin him, since believe it or not, those that have starred in truly horrible superhero movies are still around and doing great since they either had the clout to weather a bad movie or two or were able to find a way to get the fans to back them once again. In other words, if the actor is good enough at what they do, a bad superhero movie isn’t going to ruin them, and the experience should be tried at least once. 

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