10 Things You Didn’t Know about Osric Chau

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Osric Chau

It’s been said more than once that martial arts stars and stuntmen and women are a dime a dozen, but there are those that stand out in the industry for various reasons, and you could say that Osric Chau is one of them. He’s been in the business for long enough to know how things go and where certain lines are drawn, and how to get around them and past them if need be. Thus far in his life he’s been doing quite well in the course he’s set for himself, but he’ll be seen on the CW again when the Crisis on Infinite Earths story line kicks into gear, much like many other stars that will be showing up for this event. Where he’ll go from there isn’t all that certain but at the very least it’s assumed that he’ll keep doing what he’s been doing and remain on track as he has for some time now.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Osric.

10. He’s been practicing martial arts for much of his life.

He started out when he was young and practiced multiple disciplines as he grew up. In a career that involves stunts and the kind of acting roles that demand that he be physically fit and capable of showing his skills this has no doubt become invaluable.

9. Osric wanted to be a stuntman before acting.

The life of a stuntman is a dangerous one as many people in the business can attest to since some folks have lost their lives while on the job thanks to fault equipment or even just freak accidents that can happen now and again. A person takes their life into their hands going into this profession, but many people make a good living at it.

8. He will be showing up in the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths story line.

This event is going to be packed with famous names and faces and it’ll likely be hard to notice them all at once since the roster’s already pretty stacked and is going to be featuring some very high profile individuals. Likely as not though he’ll be pretty noticeable when fans tune in to watch.

7. Public speaking allowed him to become a better actor as his career went along.

For some people it’s kind of difficult to get up in front of others and do anything, let alone become another person. But public speaking can help if you learn the tricks and get it through your head that people are there watching and listening for a reason, not to just ridicule and make fun of you or the nervous manner you’ve shown them. People do want something to watch, it’s just a matter of giving them that something.

6. He uses acting as an outlet to identify with his characters.

A lot of people do their best to get into character since if you’re not feeling it by the time you’re on camera it seems almost impossible to make anyone else believe it since the acting comes off as kind of wooden and fake. Osric has done his best to really become the characters he’s playing.

5. Osric has a very impressive following on social media.

People have taken notice of him and that’s a good thing since it’s increased his fan base quite a bit and has managed to create a reputation that he continues to uphold as he seeks to please his fans and keep them coming back for more.

4. He’s currently in his early 30s.

He’s not really that old to be honest and still has a lot of time left to him assuming that he stays healthy and that any stunt work he might do won’t take a heavy toll on his body. At this age he still has enough options left to him as to which direction he wants to take his acting that he’ll have enough time to make it work in a big way.

3. As of now his net worth is around $500,000.

That seems a little low to be honest but at the same time since he’s not quite at the level as many other stars it does seem as though it might be accurate since honestly he’s someone that you have to look up and isn’t a household name.

2. He was a stuntman for EA Sports for a while.

The details of this one are a little fuzzy but it’s a part of public record and you can’t ignore the fact that on EA games there are motion capture moments that seem as though they might be kind of dangerous.

1. So far Osric has kept a pretty low profile as far as his personal life goes.

The biggest and most prevailing reason why anyone isn’t so well known in the business is because they don’t tend to broadcast who they are and what they do. He definitely enjoys the reputation, but he’s also not about the controversy, which is a good thing.

So far he’s had a good run, hopefully it continues for a while.

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