Stormy Daniels Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Stormy Daniels Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel is about to land one of the most sought after interviews when he brings Stormy Daniels on the show to speak about her alleged affair with the current POTUS a little over a decade ago. Whether it’s true or not that she and the POTUS did in fact have relations is becoming less of a thing than the denial that keeps ringing forth from the White House. It’s been said already many times that the allegation is false and that any and all details of the scandal are equally false. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s really said much about the $130,000 payout to Daniels by Trump’s lawyer however, leaving a lot of people to think that whatever happened that one side or the other isn’t coming clean about everything.

Kimmel will no doubt launch into what people should expect to be a joke-laden interview concerning Trump and possibly a few jabs that might even be aimed at Stormy, though the latter could be a lot of assumption and not much else. The reason why this is going to be such a big interview, besides the subject at hand, is that it will be occurring on the same night as the President’s State of the Union address. I can only imagine what’s going to happen and how many show hosts are going to be lambasting Trump as he goes on TV to give the State of the Union and tell how the country is doing wonderful and everything is going just fine. He likely won’t cover the more negative issues that have been in the media because as you know that’s ‘fake news’, and is likely considered to be beneath him.

It’s so tempting to join in and continue to roast the POTUS just for the inane things he’s said throughout his first year in office but sticking to the fence at this moment I do believe I’ll leave that to those who are a little more vocal than I and don’t worry about tact. The issue at hand after all is the indiscretion that he did or did not commit according to who you might ask. Let’s say he wouldn’t be the first president to have illicit relations with other women while he was married, but unless the relations were recent I don’t see a lot of people standing up to say ‘yes they did it, here’s the proof’. Also, playing devil’s advocate for a moment, don’t read anything into that, Stormy Daniels has actually been heard to say that no one would have looked twice at her before now.

That alone is one of the only hints that might speak well for the POTUS. A lot of people would want to ignore this just as Republicans would want to ignore the supposed hush money that Daniels was paid. But what if it wasn’t hush money? What if it was an elaborate hoax? At this point would you really think that the current POTUS and his team were incapable of anything so bizarre? Maybe Jimmy Kimmel will get more than others have been able to, but we’ll see.

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