10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varya Malina

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varya Malina

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Varya Malina

Fan of “90 Day Fiance” love Varya Malina. She’s a fan-favorite, but she’s not always up to be in the spotlight quite like some of the other people on the show. She’s refused to come to tell-all experiences in the past, and she’s got a long history behind her. She likes to keep her life as private as a reality television star can, but we are all excited to learn a bit more about her as the days go on. We’ve looked into her, and we’ve found 10 things about the reality star you might not have known before.

1. She’s Russian

She lives in Moscow, and that is where her fiancé found her and went to meet her. She was looking for love, but there are those who say she was looking less for love and more for a green card to get into the United States. Of course, that’s what people say anytime someone from another country is involved in a relationship with anyone in the states.

2. She Turned Down a Proposal

Well, she didn’t turn it down so much as she didn’t really give an answer. When her Tennessee boyfriend, Geoffrey Paschel, asked her to get married, she said maybe, and then she said she doesn’t know. So, technically, we suppose she did not say no.

3. She Didn’t Mean for it to End

What really shocked her was that her not yet was not a no in her eyes. In her boyfriend’s eyes, though, it was a no. He thought things were over between them and went home and began dating a friend of his. She decided to surprise him at home, and that was a whole situation. They ended up deciding to work it out.

4. She’s a Radio Personality

If you want to know more about what she does and how she does it in Moscow, she’s a radio personality. She hosts many things, and not just on the radio. She is also a wedding host, which is not something we fully understand, but we think it sounds pretty awesome.

5. She Likes an Older Man

Her maybe fiancé maybe not fiancé is a good decade older than she is. He was so dejected when she said maybe to his proposal, and we are a little shocked by his thoughtlessness in this situation when he returned home. Someone that much older than his fiancé might have a little bit more of a head on his shoulders.

6. She Might Not Want Kids

When she was asked if she wanted to have kids with the man no one is quite sure is her fiancé, she pointed out that he already has kids and that she follows them on social media. They asked her if she’d want to have kids of her own with him, but she said she’s fine with not having kids at all.

7. She and a Friend Had a Creepy Encounter

She and a friend recently visited a lake for a day of swimming. When they exited the water to take a break, a man came out of the bushes near them. They were worried, but not panicked. They definitely took notice, and that is when the strange man decided to strip down. He was never aggressive to them, but they definitely found the entire situation beyond creepy. Um, yeah!

8. Her Man Might Not Have Luck in Love

We know that he has at least one ex-wife, but there are some reports that he has more than that. He allegedly has four ex-wives, and some of them report that he is a man who is abusive and controlling, and that’s why their marriages did not work out. Now, we cannot verify that he has that many ex-wives, but we can hope that this lovely young woman has learned her lesson about this man and what he’s up to.

9. She Didn’t think Her Man Liked Her

The first time that they met, they both thought there was a lot of weirdness between them. They didn’t have good vibes about one another. They both felt awkward and not like they had much in common, and they didn’t know what to do with that. So, they decided that if the other didn’t like that person, the feeling was mutual. Then they were able to work it out.

10. She Thought He Was Moving Too Fast

When he asked her to marry him after only spending a few weeks together in Russia, she didn’t turn him down, but she didn’t accept. She told him that she wasn’t ready to leave her country and that she felt that things were moving entirely too fast for her. We still don’t know if they are actually together.

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