Tim Allen Got Into a Legitimate John Wick Spat with Keanu Reeves

Tim Allen Got Into a Legitimate John Wick Spat with Keanu Reeves

So trying to get through the awkward discussion of swinging ball sacks being discussed by Tim Allen who had to talk about Naked and Afraid for a while is enough to make you wonder just whether or not the video is bound to get to the main subject or not, but finally he does get to it and it’s probably the funniest line in the whole bit since it speaks to the truth of John Wick in a way that only Tim Allen could possibly do. It wasn’t so much of a spat between Tim Allen and Keanu Reeves as it was a discussion that Keanu appears to have won in the best way possible given that Allen and Reeves are friendly and were attending the premiere of Toy Story 4 when this occurred. As a lot of people already know Reeves was a part of the most current Toy Story movie, playing the part of Duke Caboom, who was a new character to the series and was also something of a tragic character as well, which fits into the whole scheme perfectly since Toy Story tends to be about toys that outlive their usefulness or are for some reason discarded by their owners. Julia Dzurillay of the CheatSheet has more to tell about this character.

But the ‘spat’ if you want to call it that, had more to do with Allen’s approximation of the John Wick movies than anything since the whole line of ‘7,000 kills in a minute’ is of course something that many people might bother to say when talking about John Wick since let’s be fair, there are a lot of murders in all three movies and they’re all pretty gruesome in their own right since John Wick isn’t known for being a very forgiving kind of guy. But Allen’s suggestion to not corner Wick in a bar or in an enclosed space where he tends to be most dangerous was kind of amusing since his idea after that was to wait until John Wick was outside walking his dog. Sarah El-Mahmoud of CinemaBlend goes on to say more about this conversation. Then it would be a matter of having a long-distance rifle that could take out Wick fairly easily. According to Allen, Keanu’s response, “Wick would know you’re there.” left him a little bit unnerved but it was likely the best answer that could have been given since you just don’t mess with John Wick and expect to walk away that easily. If anything the answer was perfect since it’s been seen in the John Wick movies that he’s usually ready for quite a few things when he’s dialed in and expecting trouble. In fact the only reason that he was blindsided in such a manner in the first movie was because he was retired and didn’t expect trouble.

But John Wick is for better or worse a killer unlike many others. There have been memes made with his likeness since the first movie came out that allude to just how deadly he really is, as a few of them have even gone so far as to include Chuck Norris, the one man that many people feel is safe to build up in the same way since his tough-guy persona in movies has been nothing short of legendary. It’s true that his movies have a seriously high body count, but if one was to compare them to other action movies it’s really the methods of killing that are a little more noticeable than the body count since Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and several others have racked up a higher body count that John Wick has throughout the years. The manner in which Wick kills is the most impressive part since he’s killed with a pencil, with knives, he’s made a kill after tearing apart and putting a revolver back together in a short amount of time, and of course he’s killed with guns, lots of guns. One other thing about Wick that’s great however is that he’s not an invincible force that can’t be stopped since the third movie proved that when Winston shot him and sent John careening over the edge of Continental. Somehow he survived and is bound to come back for more blood in part 4 whenever it comes, but John Wick is not invulnerable as it’s been shown in all three movies thus far, though he’s fully capable of pushing past the pain and finding some hidden reserve of energy that allows him to keep going.

Everyone has their own opinion of John Wick and the manner in which the movies have played out, so it’s not hard to see how Tim Allen might feel a certain way about them. But all in all Keanu stating that John Wick would know that someone was trying to take him out with a rifle is funny as well as accurate since the character is just that good and has earned that kind of reputation.

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