10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabriel Starbuck Brown

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabriel Starbuck Brown

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabriel Starbuck Brown

You might be thinking that you don’t really know this guy from Adam and you might be correct since unless you watch Alaskan Bush People then you might not have ever met the Brown’s. If you have however then you would have likely seen Gabe since he’s one of the most prominent faces on the show and always has a smile for just about everyone. He’s the kind of guy that sounds like you’d enjoy taking him out for a drink or just sitting around a campfire to share life stories with since he’s just a very friendly person. But all in all it would seem that his fame is bound up in the show for the most part and aside from that you could say that he’s pretty happy where he’s at and doesn’t seem to need much of a presence outside the show. Sometimes simpler is just better for some folks and it works.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Gabe.

10. His entire family has a net worth of $60 million.

This is his family, but Gabe’s net worth is around $150,000, which is considerably lower since it’s basically one of the smallest fractions of the overall net worth. If he’s bothered by that then it doesn’t show since he’s still a happy-go-lucky guy that just enjoys his life as it is.

9. He’s a part of the show Alaskan Bush People.

This show follows the Brown family as they live and thrive in the Alaskan wilderness quite a good ways from civilization. They’re not so far that they can’t reach the nearest town, and they don’t stay out in the wild year-round, but for the time they are out in the wild it is kind of a rough way to live.

8. Apparently he’s got the most tender disposition in his family.

It sounds as though Gabe is just like a big teddy bear according to a lot of the people that know him but it also seems to be that he’s the kind of guy that is fiercely loyal to his family and is bound to stick with them through thick and thin since that’s just the kind of person he is.

7. There was a lot of opinion on his braces.

This is kind of an odd thing for fans to fixate on but then again it’s not exactly out of the norm since some people tend to think the clothing that a person is wearing during each episode of their favorite show is newsworthy. But the braces were needed since he did have some very horrendous dental issues that were thankfully straightened out.

6. He did finally get married.

For the longest time it was believed that he was just going to have trouble dating no matter what since he spent most of his time with family, either doing chores or far enough away from women that it seemed that he would never be lucky enough to find the right girl. But thankfully he did and he was married not long ago.

5. His social media presence is almost non-existent.

Either Gabe doesn’t have enough time to get on social media or he doesn’t really see the sense in it because his followers are far less than a thousand and don’t seem to be climbing. It could be that he just has too much to do most times, and that’s easy to understand given that he has better things to do with his time.

4. Gabe has a very pleasing disposition.

He’s kind of like that guy that is out to please people but is also just wanting to have a good time and enjoy when things make sense. You can easily respect that since it makes life go a lot easier and complications are next to nil. In many ways he definitely seems to be the person that isn’t simple or in any way dim, but just enjoys living life without any complications.

3. There really isn’t a lot on the internet about him.

It does seem as though he’s stayed away from the spotlight for the most part and it might be a good thing that he did since life could get so complicated so quickly if someone was to try and tempt him with being a bigger star.

2. He’s in his late 20s now.

Gabe has been leading this kind of life ever since he was born and he was actually put on his parents’ boat before he was even a year old. This kind of life really begs the necessity of being slightly tougher than the average person and he’s grown up to be quite strong and very satisfied with his place in the world.

1. It doesn’t sound as though he’s in a hurry to leave Alaska.

Gabe seems to enjoy where he’s at and doesn’t have any plans to move, which honestly is very easy to understand and respect.

He knows where he wants to be.

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