“Red Notice” Set to Be the Biggest Movie Netflix has Ever Done

“Red Notice” Set to Be the Biggest Movie Netflix has Ever Done

“Red Notice” Set to Be the Biggest Movie Netflix has Ever Done

It’s ambitious to say such things, but many people take a look at Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds and the star power they bring to the screen and get a bit overwhelmed. It’s entirely possible that the biggest movie Netflix has ever committed to might do everything they’re hoping for and more, and it’s expected that things will be hyped out of control. But those of us that don’t have as much invested are going to be content to sit back and wait to see if everything that’s being said is going to come to fruition or, just playing devil’s advocate, things might fall short and people will be caught smiling when the floor drops out from beneath them. A lot is dependent on the actors, the story, and how everything comes together to make it work. The upside, a big upside really, is that the three main actors that are headlining this movie are all proven action stars and, on top of that, have proven themselves in other movies as well. If not for that, then it might be that some folks might have already stated that it’s getting too much hype for too little anticipated payoff.

But let’s back it up just a moment and remember that each one of these actors has been in at least one movie or more that didn’t perform as it was expected to. It’s a simple cautionary tale that can get people off of that euphoric high that comes from seeing this many big-time action stars teaming up for a movie, nothing more. Sometimes it’s best to pull people down from the clouds just a bit so they can focus and see what’s coming. The big hope of course is that Red Notice is going to be everything that people are saying and more since a great action movie can get people pumped and allow them to keep their faith in their Hollywood heroes for a while longer, which is a positive note really. Sometimes it’s best to keep your head out of the clouds simply so one can see what might be coming from various angles.

So far all we really know about the story is that Johnson will be playing an FBI agent that will be partnering with two well-known, world-class criminals who will be played by Reynolds and Gadot. That feels pretty accurate since Johnson rarely plays the villain and when he does, it’s usually not something like a thief, and no, the Fast and Furious movies don’t count since he’s still a lawman in those movies no matter that he helps Dom and his crew. But Johnson is the type that plays enemies such as the character of Sarge that he played on Doom, and the upcoming Black Adam, guys that play more to his size and imposing manner. It might be a stereotype, but it definitely works a whole lot better. As far as Reynolds and Gadot being thieves, this comes off a lot easier given their looks, their builds, and the fact that both of them have played characters that are adept at being charming, witty, and a little more flexible than Johnson has been noted as being.

Some folks might be wondering what that has to do with anything but the understanding in action movies is that thieves are either the tech types that sit behind computer monitors and hack their way into a system and may or may not be in great shape, or they’re the types that are fit, capable of disarming people with their looks, the way they talk, and a number of different other moves that might leave a person breathless or simply incapacitated. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of different ways to create a thief in a movie, but between the three main stars, Johnson is the only one that doesn’t quite fit the mold and is better off playing the federal agent. How big this movie is going to be depends on who’s being asked, and so far everyone tends to agree that it’s going to be a huge event for Netflix and could be something that will change the game just a little. It’s fair to say that a lot of movies over the years have made such a boast, and a few of them have made good on it.

It does have the advantage of having three of the hottest stars in the world at the time, and it does have another advantage in being able to say that it’s coming to the biggest streaming network as well, so if there’s anything that’s going to trip this project up, it would have to be one major faux pas, and it’s a hope that such a thing won’t happen. If all goes well this could be a good way for Netflix to maintain its dominance.

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