Which “Sex And The City” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Sex And The City” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Taking into consideration its 1998 premiere, the unwavering popularity around Sex and the City (and the subsequent reboot on HBO Max) is a testament to the fervent fanbase that follows the show. With the new reboot (And Just Like That) still fresh in our minds; what better time to assess each character’s zodiac sign? Curious to find out who represents your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Natasha Naginsky

Natasha is a really interesting character. Much like any Aries, she’s misconstrued as the ‘villain’ at first (since Big chose her over Carrie). Over the course of her tenure on the show, you find out that she’s a lot more than meets the eye. She’s surprisingly empathetic, and actually apologizes to Carrie for taking Big. While some may be quick to call you the villain, Aries, they don’t know your motivations or your situation. Never let the opinions of others effect your trademark confidence!

Taurus – Harry Goldenblatt

You’re easy to talk to, Taurus. From the moment Charlotte and Harry begin chatting, it’s obvious that Harry is a warm presence who makes her feel safe and welcome. Classic Taurus. Much like Harry, you’ve always got your feet planted on solid ground, and can help to tether your loved ones to that same solidity. You’re a caretaker by nature, and you’ve got a trademark brand of humor unique to Taurus’; ‘quiet but when he opens his mouth its hilarious’. Keep holding us down, Taurus, we’d be lost without you.

Gemini – Carrie Bradshaw

Much like you, Gemini, Carrie struggles with a constant battle of duality. She’s indecisive, impulsive, irresponsible, and flaky. All that being said, she’s also a deep lover, analytical (sometimes overly) of emotions and feelings, creative, and free-spirited. As the twin sign, you have the incredible ability to change your personality to suit the situation around you. Because of this, you’re a natural charmer and an incredible socialite. Go with your gut, Gemini; and don’t be afraid of the tough decisions.

Cancer – Aiden Shaw

You’ve been hurt before, Cancer, and you don’t let go of grudges or paranoia very easily. Much like you, Aiden gives his everything to Carrie because he loves her, even when Carrie offers very little in return. You can often measure your own worth by how much you can give to others, which can lead to low self-esteem. Aiden, mistrusting and paranoid about Carrie’s cheating, is unable to move forward with her. Don’t let people steamroll you, Cancer, because your heart is too kind for their cynicism.

Leo – Mr. Big

Leo, this can’t come as a shock. Mr. Big is the main character in his life; with a shockingly low level of empathy and emotional intelligence. He’s proud and confident, but there’s uncertainty and self-doubt under the lion’s mane. You have a tendency to be egotistical and self-absorbed, but with patience and maturity (especially in moments of passion), you can reach a much higher level of empathy than most would give you credit for. Don’t forget to open up, Leo, you can’t hold everything in forever.

Virgo – Charlotte York

This one was almost too easy. Charlotte is up-tight, analytical, logical, and extremely organized; all traits of a Virgo. She likes things done a certain way, and has an attachment to a ‘moral code’ or manners. Much like you, she’s a self-sacrificer who doesn’t mind biting the bullet if her loved ones can succeed. Remember that you don’t always have to be the martyr, Libra. Don’t forget to pursue your own interests and passions in the wake of caring for others.

Libra – Trey MacDougal

Charlotte’s first husband was flawed in many ways, but he represents a lot of Libra qualities. As an air sign, he’s very malleable in relationships; this is taken advantage of by both his mother, Bunny, and by Charlotte. He doesn’t really take the time to find out who he is as a person, something that Libra’s can struggle with often. You’re very committed to the people you love, Libra, but make sure you’re still your own person.

Scorpio – Richard Wright

You’re a little dark and mysterious, Scorpio. You never show your hand of cards until you’re sure you’re ready. Much like Richard, Scorpios are very sexual and passionate enigmas, which compliments his relationship with Samantha. You’re able to conjure an air of mystery that draws people in, and you’re magnetic in large groups or at parties. Richard has trouble verbalizing his feelings and connecting with Samantha past a physical relationship, which tracks for Scorpio. Don’t be afraid of your own emotion, Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Samantha Jones

Samantha gives me Leo rising sign energy, but at her core, there’s no denying this woman is a Sagittarius. She gets whatever she wants whenever she wants, only using her appearance and her charm (Sag, you invented this tactic). She the most promiscuous of the group, which is typical fire sign behavior. She’s unashamed of her passion and sexuality, claiming her power and confidence. Don’t let the naysayers get you down, Sag; they’re just jealous.

Capricorn – Miranda Hobbes

This is so obvious. Miranda screams Capricorn energy. She the smartest, most driven, most logical, most practical, and the most existential of the group. She looks at life through negative lenses, in order to protect herself from the inevitable bad situation. You’re the boss, Capricorn, and you have all of your ducks in a row; but don’t forget that self-maintenance is just as important as any other form of work or maintenance.

Aquarius – Stanford Blatch

As the ‘resident gay’ of the series, Stanford encompasses the contrarian and adventurous nature of Aquarius. He’s a fashion icon, unafraid to push the limits of gender and conventionality with clothing. Like you, Stanford is a notoriously free-spirit. At his core, like all Aquarians, he’s a humanitarian who cares very deeply for the people closest to him. Vulnerability isn’t exactly your forte, but don’t be afraid of it; it can deepen relationships in ways you never anticipated.

Pisces – Steve Brady

Finishing out the zodiac is our sensitive sweetheart, Steve. Only a Pisces would be able to put up with the cynicism and calloused approach to life that Miranda (a Capricorn) has. He’s not afraid of his feelings, and often wants to have dialogue to work things out. You’re an excellent communicator and mediator, able to build bridges between the most tenacious of foes. Your positivity and optimism shine bright, Pisces, so don’t let anyone dampen your light.subsequent reboot on HBO Max

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