10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tori Dunlap

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tori Dunlap

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tori Dunlap

When Tori Dunlap decided she was going to make herself rich, she meant it. She wasn’t just hoping for it. She wasn’t merely dreaming of it. She thought it, she imagined it, and then she put her plan onto paper, and she made it happen. It was her goal in life to own $100,000 free and clear before she was the age of 25 – and she did it. She did it before she turned 25. She’s 27 as of 2022, and she made her goal more than three years ago. She did it, and now she is using her knowledge to teach you to do the same.

1. She is from Washington

She is a young woman who was born and raised in Washington. She’s from the lovely city of Tacoma, where she lived for much of her life. She might not live there now, but she did stick around for her entire childhood before she moved to Portland, and is now back in Seattle to make a home for herself as an adult.

2. She is Educated

She’s not just a little educated, either. She’s substantially educated. She holds two degrees, both of which she earned while taking courses at the University of Portland. Her degrees are both undergrad degrees, and she’s proud of both.

3. She is a Former Marketing Employee

Following her college graduation, this young woman went to work in the marketing industry. She worked for a company in Seattle as a marketing manager. This is how she ended up in Seattle in the first place, but she loves the city and stayed true to it when she made her first million.

4. She is a Blogger

Her entire future was tied to her life as a blogger. She was very much into financial freedom, and she felt that she had invaluable information to share with the world. It was her goal to write a financial blog that allows other young women like herself to make money and earn a substantial living.

5. She Had a Goal

Her goal was a big one, too. She was going to have a six-figure savings by the time she was only 25. She began saving, and she made her money work for her. By the time 2019 rolled around, she was a woman with $100k to her name. She then decided she had so much more to offer the world, and she put herself to work for herself.

6. She Teaches Financial Education

Now that she’s a woman who has a book and a company, she teaches others about financial freedom and the way that they can live their own lives to the fullest. She’s making serious bank, and it has been good for her. Her entire life has been focused solely on her work, and now she is using her work to not only make money but to teach others to make money for themselves. She’s clearly more than $3 million per year at this point.

7. She Thinks Money Conversations are Boring

More specifically, she knows that these conversations can be the most boring conversations in the world, and she is constantly tired of having those conversations. She’s found a way to make money powerful and empowering – and she makes it clear to those who take her courses that the best thing money can buy is freedom.

8. She is Committed

Just because she is making millions of dollars every year these days does not mean that Dunlap is making her money less important. She continues to find herself committed to saving and making her money work for her, and it’s working tremendously. She’s doing it, and it’s making her life so much easier.

9. She Wants to Help

Here’s the thing about this woman. She is not just a woman who is doing this to make a living. Yes, that is a nice thing, and she’s not complaining about the millions she’s making from her own financial decisions these days, but she is really into this because she wants to help people. She wants to see them succeed, and she wants to see them change their lives in a manner that allows them to do things that are so important to them.

10. She is Still Private

While she has no problem discussing her finances, she’s not so quick to discuss her personal life in any other capacity. She does keep that to herself, and she’s a fan of making sure she has the tools to do that. She keeps her private life just that – private.

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