10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hema Malini

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hema Malini

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hema Malini

Hema Malini is, hands down, one of the most famous people in India. She’s been an actress, she’s been a politician, she’s a mother and a wife, and she is a grandmother. She is a little bit of everything, and she is a woman who has been highly revered as multitalented, likable, and exciting. She’s been in the spotlight more years of her life than she has not, and her fans adore her. When she decided to become who she is, fans cheered her on every step of the way. Her life has evolved so much since she began her career in the Bollywood industry, and she’s someone worth getting to know.

1. She is in Her 70s

There is literally nothing more shocking than the realization that this lovely woman is in her 70s. She could easily pass as 20 years younger than her 73+ years, and that is not a bad thing. Born on October 16, 1948, she could fool the world with her age.

2. She is Married

She is not just a famous actress. She is the wife of a famous actor as well. She married famed actor Dharmenda back in 1980, and they have been married almost 42 years at this point. She and her husband work because they understand their respective careers in the same industry, and they know how to make things work.

3. She is a Mother of Four

She and her husband have two children of their own, and she is the stepmother to the two sons her husband had from his first marriage. Her husband is 13 years her senior, and his first marriage occurred in 1954 when his current wife was only six and he was only 19.

4. Her Husband is Married to Another Woman

This is an interesting situation, and we aren’t even sure we understand it entirely. However, we do know that, according to her husband’s Wikipedia page, he married his first wife in 1954. Rather than divorce her, however, he converted to a new religion so that he could marry his second wife, Hema Malini, without divorcing his first. As such, he is rumored to be married to two women at the same time.

5. She is a Very Proud Grandmother

She became a grandmother for the first time in 2017. Her youngest daughter, a famed actress by the name of Esha Deol, gave birth to her own first child, a daughter. She later gave birth again in 2019 to another daughter. Hema Malini is a proud grandparent, and it shows.

6. She’s a Politician

She is a woman who knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight because of her career as an actress, but also because she is a politician. She is a member of the parliament, and she’s been involved in the political field since the early 2000s when she began campaigning for and working alongside politicians before her own campaigns and successful runs.

7. She is an Animal Supporter

Her lifelong goal of making things better as she sees fit led her to take part in the PETA campaigns in her own country. She’s an advocate for animals and their own rights and lives, and she makes that very clear in her own abilities to help and raise money.

8. She’s Familiar with Rejection

Before she was a star in her own right, she was a woman looking for work, trying to make it, and being rejected time and time again. She recounts the days when she was just getting started in her career back in the 60s when she was rejected because she was too thin for the roles she wanted to take on. She overcame and persevered, and she’s better for it now.

9. She Was Proposed to Several Times

Before her 1980 marriage to her husband, she was proposed to many times. Bollywood actors often fell hard for her, and she rejected their proposals until she met her own husband. They were married under the laws of Islam, and their marriage is now 42 years strong.

10. She is a Happy Woman

She seems like the kind of woman who is happy with her life. She regularly shares her life with the public, including how happy she is with her family and the little things that make them happy. She seems to enjoy being home with them, cooking with them, and celebrating with them. She and both of her daughters are trained dancers, and she comes across as a woman who has such a zest for life and a passion for love.

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