10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Kull

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Kull
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Kull

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Virginia Kull didn’t always see herself becoming an actress. However, once the acting bug came along, Virginia found it impossible to resist the call to perform. On top of that, it didn’t take long for her to show those around her that she was meant to be a star. Since making her on-screen debut well over a decade ago, Virginia has gone on to build a solid career. From the screen to the stage, Virginia always knows how to perform well, and her talent has earned her the respect and admiration of countless people. Many will know her best from shows like  Gracepoint and NOS4A2. She is currently working on a TV series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which is set to be released in 2024. Keep reading to learn ten things you didn’t know about Virginia Kull.

1. She Is From Texas

Virginia was born and raised in the Dallas area and is very proud of her roots. However, although Texas has many great things to offer, it probably isn’t the best place for those who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. As a result, Virginia eventually decided to move to New York City.

2. Virginia Kull Wanted to be a Doctor

As mentioned earlier, getting into acting was not always something Virginia saw for herself. In an interview with UPROXX, Virginia said, “I wanted to be a doctor; I wanted to be a neurologist. I was a total science nerd. I won this city wide science fair in my first year of high school and thought I would attend medical school.” Although she went down a much different path, I think it’s safe to say that Virginia found her calling.

3. She Studied at SMU

Once Virginia fell in love with acting, she knew it was something she wanted to take seriously. Getting formal training was part of that process. After graduating from high school, Virginia went on to attend Southern Methodist University, where she studied theater. She graduated in 2004.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Kull

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4. She Has Been in Broadway Productions

Most people are familiar with Virginia for her on-screen work, but she has also had a very successful theater career. She has been in several Broadway productions, including Dividing the Estate and Man and Boy. Unfortunately, we could not find any details on whether she prefers the screen or stage.

5. She Is Not Into Social Media

Social media has become the first place many people look when they want to know more about a celebrity. Unfortunately, though, Virginia’s fans won’t be able to learn much about her by looking on social media. From what we can tell, she doesn’t have official profiles on any social media platforms.

6. She Comes From a Supportive Family

Many parents out there would be upset if they found out their child wanted to pursue a career in the arts. However, that wasn’t the case for Virginia’s parents. Although they were surprised when she decided to become an actress, they were very supportive of her decision.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Kull

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7. She Is Happily Married

Since Virginia has always been pretty private when it comes to her personal life, there are many people out there who may not be aware that she is married. She and her husband, Ryan Howard Young, have been married since the spring of 2009. They do not have any children.

8. She Was in This Is Us 

Throughout her career, Virginia has gotten the chance to be part of some very successful projects. In 2017, she appeared in the popular drama This Is Us – a show many have hailed as one of the best in recent years. She also made a guest appearance in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

9. Virginia Kull Enjoyed the Original Broadchurch

The TV miniseries Gracepoint is probably one of Virginia’s best-known roles. However, the series was a remake of a popular UK TV show called Broadchurch. While talking to UPROXX, she shared that she watched the original series and “loved it.”

Virginia Kull

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10. Virginia Kull Has Four-Star Feet

Virginia’s acting talents aren’t the only thing people have fallen in love with her. Apparently, there are lots of people out there who also have a thing for her feet. According to wikifeet, an online database of famous people’s feet, Virginia’s feet have earned a little over a four-star rating. Her feet have gotten over 100 votes, and there will probably be plenty more in the future.

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